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The inspector made a few vague noises, and Mrs. Oliver went on quickly. Because,ceramic bobbin heater, you know, it's my murder. I did it. In a moment of surprise, Inspector Blond thought Mrs. Oliver was accusing herself of a crime.

"A strange house?" Yes, a building like a small white temple. It was just built a year or two ago. It was on the right side of the path to the boathouse. There was someone in it. A couple of lovers, I suspect. One laughs and then one says, 'Shh!' "You don't know who these two lovers are?" "I don't know. I can't see the front of the strange house from the path. It's closed on both sides and behind." The inspector thought for a moment, but it seemed to him that the lovers, whoever they were, # 8212; # 8212; seems unlikely to be of any importance 。 Perhaps it would be better to find out who they were, for they might have seen someone going to the boathouse or coming up from it. No one else is on the path? No one at all? He insisted. "I know what you're thinking, of course," said Miss Bluisie. "I can only assure you that I haven't met anyone.". But, you know, I don't have to meet. I mean, if there's anyone on the trail who doesn't want me to see it, it's the easiest thing to do,Ozone generator ceramic plate, just slip behind the Heather. The path was lined with bushes and Heather, and anyone who wasn't supposed to be there could hide if they heard someone passing. The inspector changed course. Is there anything else you know about this girl that might help us? He asked. "I really don't know anything about her," said Miss Bruise. "I don't even think I ever talked to her before this.". She is one of the girls I have ever seen. I remember her when I see her vaguely. But that's all. And you don't know anything about him there's nothing you can do to help. ?” "I don't know why anyone would want to murder her," said Miss Bruise. "In fact, it seems to me, if you know what I mean,Kamado bbq grill, that it's quite unlikely to happen. I can only think that, for some unbalanced people, her role as the person who committed the murder may have inspired the will to make her the real victim, but even that sounds ridiculous and far-fetched. Blond sighed. Oh, well, I think I'd better meet the mother. Mrs. Tucker was a thin woman with a thin face, rough blond hair, and a sharp nose. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying, but she was now calm and ready to answer the inspector's questions. "It seems wrong that such a thing should happen," she said. "I've read about it in the papers, 10g Ozone Generator ,alumina c799, but it happened to us, Marlene." "I'm very sorry," Inspector Blond said softly. "I want you to think as hard as you can and tell me if anyone might have any reason to hurt this girl." "I've been thinking about it," said Mrs. Tucker, blowing her nose suddenly. "I've been thinking and thinking, but I can't remember anything. Marlene often said things about school teachers, and she quarreled with a girl or a boy from time to time, but nothing serious, no one really hated her, no one would hurt her. "She never talked to you about anything that might be her enemy or anything?" "She often talks funny, Marlene, but not in that way. It's all about makeup and hairstyles, and what she wants to do with her face and body.". You know what girls are like. She was too young to put on lipstick and scribble, her father told her, and so did I. But that's what she does when she has money. She buys some perfume and lipstick and hides it. Blond nodded. There was nothing to help. An adolescent girl who is a bit of a fool, with her head full of movie stars and Glamour and a lot of girls like Marlene. 。“ I don't know what her father will say, "said Mrs. Tucker." He'll be here any minute, looking forward to a good time. He throws coconuts accurately, he. She suddenly lost control and began to cry. "If you ask me," she said, "I say one of those wicked foreigners at the hostel. Foreigners have never been reliable, although most of them speak politely and some of them wear unbelievable shirts with girls in what they call'bikinis'. And they all go around topless in the sun and it's all going to cause trouble. 。 I said it. Mrs. Tucker, still weeping, was escorted away by Sergeant Hoskin. Blond recalled that the judgment of the locals seemed comforting, and perhaps old, that every tragic event was blamed on a general foreigner. txt? Small ? Say ? Paradise WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM 8 "She has a bad mouth," said Heskin when he came back. "She nagged at her husband and bullied her old father. Maybe she was fierce with the girl once or twice, and now she feels a pang of conscience. It's not that the girls care about what their mother says to them. One ear goes in and the other comes out, as easily as a duck shakes off a drop of water from its back." Inspector Blond judged these generalities and sent Hoskin to Mrs. Oliver. The inspector was slightly surprised to see Mrs. Oliver's appearance. He had expected a fat woman who was so purple and so upset. "I feel terrible," said Mrs. Oliver, sinking into a chair in front of him, like a purple dough with milk and gum. " Bad # 8212; # 8212; # 8212; 'she Said again with emphasis. The inspector made a few vague noises, and Mrs. Oliver went on quickly. Because,ceramic bobbin heater, you know, it's my murder. I did it. In a moment of surprise, Inspector Blond thought Mrs. Oliver was accusing herself of a crime. global-ceramics.com