The fourth campus

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Qin Kunxian, that woman is none other than Douzong Younger Martial Sister, Ling Investigation Section of the Criminal Investigation Brigade,jacuzzi swim spa, Su Lin. Qin Black Dog, are you everywhere? Su Lin looked sideways at Qin Kun, her eyes not very friendly.

"You're right," said Chen Yiming. "It's really incredible." Lin Musen said: "This question, I think, can only ask her." "Yes," said Chen Yiming, "Lin yuan, let's go." The roaring police car went straight to the college. The sky in the north is always bright early, and there is a glimmer of dawn in the east. The Fourth Campus Clouds Break the Sky (1) PART 1. 5:35 am, graduate student apartment. Yuri Hasegawa seems to have realized that this moment is coming. When we arrived at her room, the door was open and the living room light was on. There were several cups of brewed tea on the tea table, steaming. Chen Yiming, Yoshikawa Hideo and I looked at each other and were slightly surprised. If you're all here, why don't you come in? Asked Yuri Hasegawa. I followed the sound and she was standing on the balcony with her back to us. You knew we were coming. Why didn't you run? Chen Yiming said and went into the living room first. Because I really didn't think that the person who betrayed me was the person around me. Isn't it, Linmusen? No, it should be called Officer Yoshikawa. There was a tinge of scorn and sarcasm in her words. Yoshikawa's face turned a little ugly. "How do you know my identity?" You Li still said in a contemptuous tone, "Did you see the tape recorder under the tea table?" Sure enough, there is a small tape recorder under the tea table. Yoshikawa opened it, and a conversation came from inside: "My real name is Hideo Yoshikawa, who belongs to the International Criminal Section of the Tokyo Police Department.." Chen Yiming and Yoshikawa's face immediately became livid, you can imagine, a policeman was eavesdropped, but also in the dark, what is the taste. You bugged me? Yoshikawa's first reaction was to take off his coat and turn it over. If I had put that thing on you,whirlpool hot tub spa, I wouldn't have to wait here today. You Li sneers, as if laughing at his stupidity, stupid to be betrayed by the people around him, "this bug has been under Chen Yiming's desk." Chen Yiming lit a cigarette again, "Gao Ming, I seldom praise the suspect like this, but your means are really very clever, you can even install this thing without my knowledge.". How did you do that? You Li sneered again, "Officer Chen, have you forgotten that Hu Xiaoli once went to your office?"? And you took the initiative to'summon 'her. Hu Xiaoli joined the seance as early as when Nami Ikeda died. Her status is by no means lower than that of Yoshikawa-san. Yoshikawa was a little surprised, "Hu Xiaoli is actually the backbone of the seance, whirlpool hot tub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, how can I not know?" "Ha ha ha," Yuri smirked a few times. "She didn't know you were the backbone of the seance. If I don't say, you won't understand each other. Chen Yiming sighed, "It's not too much to describe you with the word wily." He straightened his back. "Miss Yuri, why don't you come in and say something?"? You can't run away from the balcony. The graduate student apartment is surrounded by us. You Li is a sneer again, "if I want to run, still need to make good tea for you?"? I just want to breathe more fresh air, and the smell in the bars is not so good. If you want to find out all the truth, you should sit there safely, or you will never know if I don't tell you these things. Chen Yiming smiled, "That's not necessarily, it's just a matter of time, but I'd like to hear you solve these mysteries yourself, so that you can save a lot of brain cells." First of all, I want to tell Yoshikawa-san that all your efforts in the past few years have been in vain, and I have no direct relationship with the sarin gas incident in the Tokyo subway. Shoko Asahara is a fool who is too eager for quick success and instant benefit. If he had taken my advice, he would not have fallen into this situation at all. I have always advocated gradual progress and the use of ideological possession to achieve the ultimate goal, but he thought that this way was too slow and unrealistic. He completely underestimated my ability and used violent means. After the Tokyo sarin gas incident, I completely fell out with him and broke away from Aum Shinrikyo. I left Japan and changed my name to Reiko Maeda, not to escape the police, but to escape the pursuit of Asahara's men. He wanted to kill me, and he hated me because I took away his ill-gotten gains of 2 billion yen. There is no branch of Aum Shinrikyo in China. Yoshikawa's face also became a little ugly, "what about the spirit meeting?"? Why did you form a seance? Once again, Yuri replied in a sarcastic tone, "Don't make a mistake, Mr. Yoshikawa. Did I build the spirit?"? Its founder is Nami Ikeda. Yoshikawa's face was flushed, as if he had just drunk wine. "Well, then, what is the purpose of using psilocybe mushroom to extract hallucinogenic drugs and organize the so-called evocation ceremony?" You Li sneers, "yes, the so-called evocation, is simply a camouflage, of course, there is my purpose, but I can answer you for sure, it has nothing to do with Aum Shinrikyo.". If you want to know the answer, you'd better keep your mouth shut. I'll say it naturally, but I don't like to be interrupted when I speak! "Give me a cigarette." Yoshikawa said to Chen Yiming. It is obvious that he has been completely defeated in this battle. PART 2. It was very cold in the early morning of winter,China spa factory, and the fog outside could be seen from the balcony. The fog has enveloped Hasegawa Yuri's body in it, which adds to the weirdness. Still with her back to us, she continued her story:.