A gourd ladle of weak water

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Qin Kunxian, that woman is none other than Douzong Younger Martial Sister, Ling Investigation Section of the Criminal Investigation Brigade,jacuzzi swim spa, Su Lin. Qin Black Dog, are you everywhere? Su Lin looked sideways at Qin Kun, her eyes not very friendly.

Lan Qing stood in the liberal arts building and asked a little dumbfounding. He touched his nose. Fortunately, he didn't grow up. He really wanted to come to their school to discuss the activities, but not today, nor was he alone. He did not know why he was so impatient, and had thought of explaining to her again, but now it was really self-inflicted. So he had to dial the number to get a confession. Luo Shui, I made a mistake about the date. Luo Shui suspected that he had misheard and asked, "What?" "My appointment with them is ten o'clock in the morning the day after tomorrow." It turns out that the Great God can also make mistakes, and the Great God is also a mortal. Luoshui has been a tight nerve so suddenly touched, once relaxed down, routed. The so-called mistake. Probably a tacit understanding, two people walk relative to each other, separated by seven turns and eight turns of the path, or can meet at the first time. He approached her directly, his eyes met, and his breath was close at hand. "Take me to your school." She involuntarily stepped back and answered, "I'm afraid I'll be chased by orchids." Just now a few girls passed by them, looked back and looked back, and then left with a smile and surprise. She really didn't have the charm to let the same sex. Lan Qing raised her eyebrows: "Orchid?" Luo Shui accepted good advice and smiled in a low voice: "Your fans." He took the thermos bottle from her hand and laughed out loud: "There are no orchids in autumn." Luo Shui took him around the school after all. Compared with the newly planned university campus schools, Yda's crowded downtown area is really shabby. The layout is like the architectural style of the 1950s,outdoor whirlpool tub, with a large number of bungalows, which can almost become historical relics. The dormitory building is a neat and uniform three-storey mud house, which is cold in winter and hot in summer. The main school building has been renovated, but it has not completely abandoned the original model, which is a bit half-new. Only the library was newly built two thousand years later, which was particularly conspicuous in the darkness and obscurity, with some flavor of Golden Rooster independence. Luoshui,best whirlpool tub, a freshman, also complained about the new school and always felt that he could not do it, but after a long time, he realized that the bungalow also had the temperament of a bungalow, and it was located in the city center with convenient transportation and smooth information. Lan Qing watched it with relish and occasionally shared some interesting things with Luo Shui. Soon we came to the last stop, the canteen. An idea flashed by, and Luo Shui blurted out, "Do you have any private dishes in your school canteen?" I don't know if it was Luo Shui's illusion, but out of the corner of her left eye she felt his face blackened, and when she looked closely again, it was already a calm face with a few smiles. No, ma'am. Don't listen to them. No one seems to be talking nonsense. But why could she hear the frozen chicken in his tone of "it's a good day". Luoshui sensibly took the topic back: "Our school has a lot of private dishes, steamed eggs with sweet potato flour, braised stewed meat is our dormitory's big love." "Every day?" He looked at her bright eyes when she mentioned the name of the dish and asked expectantly. Luo Shui nodded and took him to the second phase canteen for dinner. As for why he went to the second phase, garden jacuzzi tub ,endless swimming pool, there was only one reasonable explanation. The second phase was the farthest from the dormitory building of the Department of Architecture. The probability of meeting "orchids" was small, and the probability of meeting acquaintances was even smaller. It was simply perfect. Maybe he's lucky. There are a lot of private dishes in Y University today. The two men took the dishes and sat by the window. The autumn sunshine slanted into the windowsill, and it was warm. Lan Qing calmly handed Luo Shui chopsticks and spoons, his eyes burning, and asked, "Where do you want this activity to go?" Luo Shui took over the tableware, and Lijiang, Dali, and Tibet, which came out of her mind spontaneously, were all directly snapped off by her. The name of Red Tourism tells us that it must go to places like Jinggangshan, Yan'an and Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing, but she said in her heart with luck: "Shanghai." The voice did not fall to feel that it was unrealistic, and added: "Jiaxing is also OK." Lan Qing looked at her frowning and frowning in a funny way and comforted her by saying, "Shanghai is barely red. It's not impossible." Luo Shui listens to him to say so, feel credible, the eye is bright: "Always want to go to Huangpu River side stroll, probably suffer the influence of Shanghai beach." But everyone who studies architecture probably wants to go to Shanghai, the intersection of architectural styles of various countries left over from the Republic of China, where each house has its own characteristics and soul. The author has something to say: I don't know if you have time to see this chapter. You're gonna be okay. 42 42, the night is dark and the wind is high.. Lan Qing looked up at her and paused to tell the truth: "In fact, you are influenced by Xu Wenqiang." Was debunked, Luo water quietly waves running waves: "Well, I admit, whether it is Chow Yun-fat or Huang Xiaoming, I love it." Luo Shui actually does not like to watch TV series, when the humble abode was popular, he only watched the beginning and the end and then lost patience, not to mention Korean dramas, basically not at a glance. It happened that every episode and every version of Shanghai Bund were carefully watched. In the age of displacement, the delicate and gentle Feng Chengcheng and the high-spirited Xu Wenqiang settled down for life by the Huangpu River. They were not as beautiful as human fireworks, but they were separated by family hatred and father hatred, and watched her marry a woman. Lan Qing fearlessly said: "Probably the first impression, I prefer the version of Chow Yun-fat." This sentence is quite familiar, and it is exactly the same as the disaster water. When Huang Xiaoming's version came out, Luo Shui was a senior in high school and could only go home once a month, so he had to put the TV series in MP4. At that time, he also said that most men didn't like Huang Xiaoming very much. She didn't take it seriously either: "Look at Xu Wenqiang through them." Lan Qing said: "He probably influenced several generations, and my mother loved him very much. When it was broadcast in Shanghai, my father was dizzy and came to sleep with me every day." Hearing him mention his family, Luo Shui thought it was interesting and asked, "Who are you more like?" Lan Qing said coyly, "can't you force it like Xu Wen?" The tall image of the Great God collapsed in Luoshui's mind. Luo Shui looked at him as if he were looking at the ordinary a, B,5 person hot tub, C and D, and the original little restraint disappeared without a trace. No, don't steal my idol. 。 monalisa.com