Shangguan Ding Baji Prodigy

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Qin Kunxian, that woman is none other than Douzong Younger Martial Sister, Ling Investigation Section of the Criminal Investigation Brigade,jacuzzi swim spa, Su Lin. Qin Black Dog, are you everywhere? Su Lin looked sideways at Qin Kun, her eyes not very friendly.

Iron Fan Scholar Zhang Jianxu shook the folding fan and said, "The cunning rabbit still has three caves, not to mention deterring the owls of Wulin!" "What do you mean?" The Yellow River fisherman suddenly asked a question, apparently he was not entirely clear about the sour scholar's words. Iron Fan Scholar Zhang Jianxu smiled and said, "To tell you the truth, Brother Dongling's observation is good, but he only sees the surface, but he doesn't see the real inside story at all!" "Does he have another lair?" Asked Nakagawa in surprise and nervousness. Zhang Jianxu, a scholar of Iron Fan, sighed slightly and asked in reply with a mysterious expression, "Do you think Yinfeng Valley is still the same as it was decades ago, letting Master Xie drive straight in and repeat the mistakes of that year?" Nakagawa Hermit seemed to be suddenly enlightened and said, "In that case, the formation has been increased in the valley, or something like an ambush has been set up to prevent the enemy from attacking." "You're only half right. The devil not only increased his position, but also hid all the important equipment underground!" As the Iron Fan Scholar spoke, he paused again and then said, "There is still a battle array under the ground. At the same time, in the midst of the battle array, there are also ambushes and dangerous organs and facilities. If you enter it rashly, even if you are not fascinated by the battle array, you will be caught by other organs and be captured. So.." Before he had finished speaking, he heard a strange cry. When they heard the sound, they were all taken aback and looked out of Xi Wenzhai. Those strange cries, only for a while, came intermittently,jacuzzi bath spa, and the people sitting there felt a little confused, not knowing what had happened? Especially as the master of the iron fan scholar, in addition to consternation, there is still a bit dignified look, although still in the hands of the folding fan, but it can be seen that his heart, but there is incomparable anger. This is because in the vicinity of Xi Wen Zhai, in the decades since its establishment, there has been no Wulin character at all,massage bathtub manufacturers, except for some old friends who have visited it a little. However, it is unexpected that someone has come here now. This situation has shown the extraordinary situation. Sure enough, while they were meditating, they saw the old servant who had just stood in the room running back with a look of granary. The old servant came in a hurry. Before anyone could speak, he shouted, "Tell me, sir, there are a group of big men in Tsing Yi fighting around a monk outside. Would you like to catch them and kill them together so that the cat won't be annoying?" The rude man, who spoke so easily, wanted to be caught and killed indiscriminately in order to disturb their peace. When the Iron Fan Scholar heard this, he snorted, "What nonsense are you talking about? Do you know where you came from?" "Who knows where they came from, but I heard those people in Tsing Yi, as if they were pressing for the whereabouts of someone, but although the monk's martial arts are ordinary, he has a rare posture, so.." "What posture? Tell me about it." The Iron Fan Scholar interrupted him before he had finished, and asked impatiently. Who knows what kind of posture it is, hot tub manufacturers ,endless pool swim spa, it seems to stagger like being drunk! The rude old servant was very interesting, he said, and he learned a few steps, and made a helpless expression, which was very funny. Puff! So when the old servant had just finished talking and comparing, Xie Bifeng could not help laughing out loud at first, but with only one laugh, she quickly covered her lips with her hands. That being the case, the Nakagawa hermit glared at her, as if to reproach her for being so rude. But the Iron Fan Scholar laughed coldly and said, "Brother Dongling, why do you do this? This is the naivety of young people. At our age, we can't laugh at anything ridiculous." "The children are out of control, which makes brother Jianxu laugh!" "What are you all polite about? People in the martial arts world, why do you talk about those old rules? I don't like that sour!" As the Yellow River fisherman said this, he paused and said, "Brother Xie, do you know what that is called?" Nakagawa Hermit nodded slightly and said, "If my guess is right, it must be the" Drunken Eight Immortals "rarely seen in the martial arts world. Footwork! Then he added another sentence and asked the Iron Fan Scholar, "Do you think Brother Jianxu is right?" The Iron Fan Scholar nodded his head and said hesitantly, "Yes, it's just that I haven't seen this body for decades. I didn't expect that the old monster has already had a successor. It seems that it's going to.." "Let's talk about it first. Stay down and have a look. If you are a righteous person, you should lend a helping hand!" "When Bertrand saw that they were talking as if nothing had happened, he was already impatient, so without waiting for the Iron Fan Scholar to finish, he stood up and handed his hand to everyone, saying so, and after that, regardless of their reaction, he jumped out of the fast." Brother Lin, wait! Let's go and see! As soon as Bai Ruilin walked out of Xi Wenzhai, Xie Bifeng raised her voice and shouted. At the same time, she pulled Shao Meifu beside her with her hand. Both of them chased Bai Ruilin. The Iron Fan Scholar looked at the back of them as they left one after another. He shook the folding fan in his hand and kept nodding and smiling. After a long time, he said to the Nakagawa Hermit, "Brother Dongling, what do you think of this Bai Shaoxia?" Nakagawa was stunned when he heard this. "Brother Jianxu," he said, "are you talking about politeness?" "No!" Nakagawa Hermit originally thought that he had left in a hurry because of Bai Ruilin. In terms of politeness, he was afraid that he had something to say, so he asked this question. Who would have thought that the Iron Fan Scholar answered very simply, and only answered two words, which made Nakagawa Hermit even more unable to guess what medicine he was selling in his gourd. Seeing that he was a little stunned, the Iron Fan Scholar said, "This son has great potential, but he is a little weak. If he comes from a famous family, he and your daughter will be a pair made in heaven. I wonder if Brother Dongling thinks so?" "I'm afraid my daughter has no such blessing!" Nakagawa Hermit said, "If you talk about the school, not only are you from a famous school, but your skill is extremely high, and you have a deep relationship with this school." "Oh!"! So, I don't know why people have high feet? The Iron Fan Scholar obviously had great doubts about Nakagawa Hermit's so-called "extremely high skill". Why did Nakagawa Hermit? How could he not hear the meaning of his words? Then he smiled and said, "Jianxu doesn't believe it, does he?"? If you are interested, please try it, and you will know that my words are true. As he spoke, he hesitated a little. "To tell you the truth,Chinese spa manufacturer," he added, "in terms of seniority, I am the patriarch of my brothers." 。