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Qin Kunxian, that woman is none other than Douzong Younger Martial Sister, Ling Investigation Section of the Criminal Investigation Brigade,jacuzzi swim spa, Su Lin. Qin Black Dog, are you everywhere? Su Lin looked sideways at Qin Kun, her eyes not very friendly.

"You are Shi Lei?" Fatty Zhu came in to have a look. There was only one person present who did not know, and naturally it was Zhu Zhu's cheap fiance. So he immediately asked. Zhu Fatty's body embryo was so oppressive that Shi Lei could not help shrinking back. Nephew, come here. Is he going to rob a woman with you? Fatty Zhu pointed to Zhao Ji. Yes, that's him! Zhao Ji was filled with righteous indignation and wanted to be close to Zhu Zhu for a while. But after looking at Zhu Zhu, whose face was as heavy as water, he finally did not dare to move. How dare you! How dare you rob a woman with my nephew. Zhu Fatty lifted his clothes and stepped on Shi Lei's stool, revealing a bulging thing under his flank. A man beside him took out a dagger and stuck it on the table in front of Shi Lei. Shi Lei recognized that it was a gun. The men who followed the fat man in were all ferocious, and they had seen a few hooligans in the village themselves, but they were nothing compared with the place in front of them. They are the real underworld. The policeman threatened a few words, although he was afraid. There's not much to really worry about, but the underworld is different. In their eyes, there is no reason to say, a disagreement, is a matter of blood spattering five steps. She was originally my woman, but how did she become someone else's woman. Besides, both of our parents agreed. Shi Lei defended in a low voice. Parents agree? What time is it? The parents agreed. Did you ask Zhu Zhu if he agreed? Did you ask him if he agreed? Fatty Zhu pointed to Zhao Ji and then pointed to himself: "Did you ask me if I agreed?"? If you want to keep this little life, you have to give me an honest divorce and go back to your hometown. This is not the place for you to be presumptuous. Shi Lei is a little afraid, these guys are killing people at a glance. It's not worth losing your life here. "Fatty Zhu observed his words and expressions and added another dose of strong medicine." Zhu Zhu, where is his hometown? "In the same place as me." "Second brother," Fatty Zhu said to a big man beside him. Li Chang knew that he was a worker in the garage. "Tell us to divide the rudder there and monitor the boy's parents. If he has any harm to Zhu Zhu,outdoor whirlpool, do you know what to do?" Yes, boss, we've done a lot of this. Make sure it doesn't leave any trace. Said the worker. Shi Lei not only has the cunning of a peasant, but also has the stubbornness of a peasant. When he heard that these guys were going to harm his parents, he was the most filial in his life and could not hear his parents being bullied. Originally, Chen Yang wanted to use this to force him to yield, but unexpectedly, this guy was as angry as a mad cow,endless swim pool, and he didn't know anyone. He snatched the dagger from the table and jerked back several steps. Zhu Zhu, you have gone too far. *** him, even if I let someone kill me here today, I will never let you go. You can't be my wife in this life, and you can't be someone else's woman. Aren't you the underworld? Kill, fight, and come here. If I frown, I'm not a man. I throw caution to the wind, and I'm afraid of hanging. Big deal is a small life, I also want to pull a cushion before I die. Fatty Zhu pulled out the gun from his waist and aimed it at Shi Lei. "Boy, don't mess around. Be careful that my bullets don't have eyes." "You shoot ah, open ah, ha ha, dare not, indoor endless pool ,Whirlpool bathtub, this is the city, the police are nearby, if you shoot, you are also a dead end.". If you have the guts, drive here! Shi Lei clapped his chest loudly. Zhu Fatty looked at Shi Lei strangely, and then looked at Chen Yang, a bit riding a tiger, he is not a real underworld, killing and stealing things can not be done. I thought it was enough to frighten him, but I thought it was enough for him to drink a pot from a small place. I didn't expect that this guy was very stubborn and had a donkey temper. Fatty Zhu sneered and opened the gun's safety with his thumb. Chen Yang knew in his heart that these guns were all Xibei goods, which he had borrowed from a drama friend. Although it looks very similar in appearance, it is actually a silver wax gun head, which is not useful. Boss Zhu, if you have something to say, put this away. If it goes off, it won't be fun. Chen Yang quickly got up and pressed down Fatty Zhu's hand. Okay, okay, it's a man. "Fatty Zhu put the gun away, but there was no way to untie the knot in front of him." I see you have a knife in your hand, but I don't know if you can play. If you really have the courage to chop off your own fingers, I will take my nephew away and never rob Zhu Zhu with you again. Zhu Zhu has nothing to do with me. Are you still a man? If it's a man, cut off his finger! Fatty Zhu suddenly raised his voice in the last two sentences. That's what you said. If I cut off my finger, won't you compete with me for Zhu Zhu? Shi Lei brandished a dagger and said to Fatty Zhu. I never say it twice. If you don't have the guts, drop the dagger as soon as possible and get out of here! "Well, I'll show you!" Shi Lei put his left hand on the wall, this guy is really a love, the right hand grabbed the dagger, the tip of the knife down, toward the four fingers on the line down! Li Chang began to think that this guy is done for others to see, naturally quietly check, but instantly found that this guy's strength is not right, is completely really to do so, the four fingers are broken, things are a dead knot, can no longer be untied! Said late, then fast, Li Chang bounced up from his seat, deceived himself, and pinched Shi Lei's right hand with a knife. But Li Chang reacted very quickly, and Shi Lei pulled out a shallow cut on his left hand, and blood flowed down. As soon as Shi Lei saw the blood, he shouted and fainted to the ground. Chen Yang and Zhu Fatty looked at each other, did not expect things to develop like this, this guy looks aggressive, did not expect to see blood faint! Zhu Zhu hurriedly ran over, took out a handkerchief to help Shi Lei wrap the wound,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, in fact, the wound is not much, at most cut a little flesh.