Asylum for fierce ghosts

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Qin Kunxian, that woman is none other than Douzong Younger Martial Sister, Ling Investigation Section of the Criminal Investigation Brigade,jacuzzi swim spa, Su Lin. Qin Black Dog, are you everywhere? Su Lin looked sideways at Qin Kun, her eyes not very friendly.

Jiang Lan did not continue to ask, but changed the conversation and said, "Today my alma mater will hold a sports meeting. Director Qin will go. Will you go too?" yuan Xinghan nodded: "I will accompany you for a walk and collect the wind by the way." "Then I won't accompany you. You two eat lunch and dinner by yourself and take good care of Director Qin." Jiang Lan nodded, she works in the Wenjian Institute, and part-time auction house, hanging the name of Wenjian experts, today still have something to do, can not accompany to go together. Jiang Lan packed up the food box and said goodbye. Director Qin, brother Yu, how old are you? If you have any trouble, just tell me. I really can't. Please go to the Royal Immortal Court to take a bath in the evening and relax. Qin Kun squints at yuan Xinghan, I rely on, you are engaged in art, when also learned to play this set? It's so corrupt. Aren't you afraid that your wife will twist your ears? But he appreciated yuan Xinghan's kindness. It's not a worry, it's just that there's a problem that hasn't been solved, and I'm just a little worried. Qin Kun is now extremely depressed. In my mind, the blue task still shows that it is unfinished! Qin Kun left the villa last night, did not care about the task, returned to the studio, only to feel what is wrong. He thought that the task was over only when he lit the Tianling Candle to Lord Cheng Huang, so he asked Niu Meng to light it overnight. Just wake up, the task is still in an unfinished state. Qin Kun's first reaction was that the system was wrong! But this kind of shrewd thing, where there is a mistake, Qin Kun thought of a possibility: he caught a doppelganger. Qin Kun did not know before that ghosts would be separated, but after seeing the ghost in the wedding clothes, he was sure that there was one. The original of the ghost in wedding clothes is hidden in the bronze mirror of her body,hot tub wholesale, which usually appears as the Fen Shen. Like the female ghost last night, the ghost spirit is not strong, and good at hiding, it is obvious that the ghost skill is not very high, but an evil ghost can live to the present, or in Nanzong lair Linjiang City, such a place, will certainly have her ability to survive. Qin Kun covered his forehead. Damn it, it's been put together. I should have known that the monk and Xu Tao came out to have a look last night. Moreover,outdoor endless pool, Qin Kun is worried about the focus, is the small fat that group of people, their own money, is equivalent to the cause and effect of this pile, this is if not handled clean, Qin Kun is sorry. And the level of evil spirits, most like revenge, if she really Yang people, this evil, but also on their own head. Director Qin, are you going out? It seems that the sports meeting is going to start. yuan Xinghan woke up Qin Kun, who was in a trance. Qin Kun nodded, "All right, let's go." Out of the studio, Qin Kun saw an acquaintance in the parking lot. Sun yuan. The businessman, with his son Maomao, came to learn painting on Saturday. Qin Kun vaguely remembered that Maomao was haunted by ghost children. He left yuan Xinghan's phone to Sun yuan at that time. He didn't expect to see them at Guliuqiao. Good morning, Mr. yuan. Master Qin! Are you here, endless pool factory ,outdoor spa manufacturers, too? When Sun yuan saw Qin Kun, he took his hand with surprise on his face and said gratefully, "Thanks to you, you helped me a lot last time." Maomao, this is Uncle Qin. Have you forgotten? Maomao saw Qin Kun, some fear, seems to think of Qin Kun tore up his group of ghost friends to death, but still clever way: "uncle good!" Qin Kun touched the nose, although do not want to admit uncle this title, but also do not want to be called brother, lower Sun yuan generation. Seeing that Maomao was much more cheerful than last time, Qin Kun touched his head: "Maomao, how is the painting?"? Did you meet a new friend? Next to him, yuan Xinghan seemed to be quite familiar with Sun yuan. He took a cigarette and lit it for himself: "Director Qin, the studio Maomao went to belongs to a junior fellow apprentice of mine. I praised him for his talent. You can rest assured!" Sun yuan nodded: "Yes!"! Teachers say that Maomao is now painting well, and in the studio, also know a lot of children, Maomao is the little star inside, the most popular! Master Qin, thanks to you. I can see that Sun yuan is very excited. Qin Kun took a puff of smoke. "There's nothing to thank you for. I took the money and naturally I want to do it well for you. As for the talent of learning painting, that's your child's talent." That's good, spend more time with Maomao! Boss Sun, I have something to do today, so I'll go first. "Well, call Mr. Li Zhe and Mr. yuan another day and let's have a meal together." Sun yuan asked. Ok. ” Qin Kun waved goodbye to Sun yuan, pinched Maomao's face, and sat in yuan Xinghan's car. When Maomao saw Qin Kun leaving, he stuck out his tongue and looked up and said, "Dad, is Uncle Qin a Taoist priest?" Sun yuan looked at yuan Xinghan's car and replied with a smile, "Uncle Qin is much more powerful than the Taoist priest.". Come, let's go to the studio! "Good!" …… The river breeze is blowing and the sunshine is slightly warm. yuan Xinghan did not drive directly to Linjiang University, but under the command of Qin Kun, he drove to a residential area of Xuefu New Village. It is located on the riverside, with tall buildings and villas. The environment is really good, but there are few families, and the construction of greening and public facilities is not complete, which is slightly desolate. Car parked in a villa downstairs, yuan Xinghan Qin Kun looked at the direction of the villa, the heart guessed what, he looked at the direction of the villa, there are many people, and the police in and out. Director Qin. Last night, you missed? yuan Xinghan asked seriously. Qin Kun is concentrating, hear yuan Xinghan's question, a face is speechless, who are you learning this new term from? It's like I'm going to kill someone. Qin Kun did not answer. He got out of the car and asked a policeman not far away. Hello, Comrade Policeman, what's the matter here? The policeman glared at Qin Kun: "Don't you see that this is a restricted area?"? Get out What the fuck Citizens have the right to know! Qin Kun was pushed rudely, and just as he was about to open his mouth, a tall woman came over. The uniform was stiff, the face was solemn, the pace was steady, and the face was beautiful. When the policeman saw the woman, he bowed unconsciously: "Captain Su." Qin Kunxian, that woman is none other than Douzong Younger Martial Sister, Ling Investigation Section of the Criminal Investigation Brigade,jacuzzi swim spa, Su Lin. Qin Black Dog, are you everywhere? Su Lin looked sideways at Qin Kun, her eyes not very friendly.