A space tower fell from the sky.

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Triumph Aunt's frequent interruptions can stop him from wanting to kiss his white and delicate neck and his bright red lips, and stop him from doing anything that makes him regret.

Unexpectedly, Rachel, one of the two fools, had the means to provoke Pedro to find a place for her. Zhang Hao to this. Thank you very much. He wouldn't have caught Pedro so quickly without this stupid young lady fanning the flames, and he would have used it to entrap Strass. However, in the face of Katra, his face sank: "Katra, you have to take good care of your daughter, you see what she has become?"? It's nonsense. In Katra's heart, MMP: Damn, your son is even more unconscionable. Your father is not a good guy. Where did you get the courage to say that? But on the surface, the chief of staff can only promise with a wry smile: "Yes, this time I will educate Rachel well, but this Jeff thing?" Chapter 595 squeezing oil from a stone, trading power for money. Zhang Hao put his arms around his chest and looked at Katra for a moment before he said slowly: "Katra, I know exactly what you're thinking, so don't play smart in front of me." Katra's face stagnated and she said with a dry smile, "Commander in Chief, you're joking." Zhang Hao sneered: "Well, there is no need to say more about these scenes.". Recently, I feel that my strength will break through again, so the position of deputy commander of the southern sector will be yours sooner or later. But these little tricks of yours make me very unhappy. So, Katra, tell me, how do you get my forgiveness and recommend you as Deputy Commander of the Southern Sector when you are promoted to Master Mind? Katra's face was full of shock. "You …" Are you going to be promoted to Master Nian Li? If strass becomes master of mind, he has a 100% chance of becoming commander of the southern sector. At that time, Strass,Horse weight lbs, who had been in the position of deputy commander for twenty or thirty years, was qualified to recommend a successor to the military headquarters of the Covenant. Although this recommendation is only an intention, the recommendation of a master of mind power, who is also the commander of the southern sector, is undoubtedly very important. Katra's mind was full of thoughts, and finally he said respectfully, "Congratulations to the commander in chief in advance.". For the sake of Rachel's boldness, I can agree to your proposal for the deputy director of logistics. Zhang Hao sniffed. He's not Strass. What's he doing with the position of deputy chief of logistics in the military branch of the southern sector? Strass may like it very much, because it is a very critical and lucrative position, he has always wanted to put his own people on it, but has not been recognized by several other big men. After pondering for a moment, Zhang Hao shook his head: "I can agree with the candidate you proposed for this position, because I don't need it now.". So, Walking measuring wheel ,Pi tape measure, change a condition! Katra in the heart is more and more heavy: "This performance, properly is to prepare for the promotion of the commander in chief ah!"! The Chief of the General Staff was silent for a long time before he said, "Well.." Merit point? Zhang Hao waved his hand impatiently: "Do I still lack a little merit?"? Katra, you are too hesitant and indecisive, so you have been unable to rise. Katra was unhappy, but she knew there was nothing wrong with it. He just looked ahead and back too much, which led to several missed opportunities. Of course, it also allowed him to avoid several crises, in which only he knew the gains and losses. Katra could only smile bitterly. "What do you mean, commander?" Zhang Hao stared at his eyes tightly and said in a deep voice: "I know you have a secret fleet in your hand, and I don't care what you want to do with it. No one can feel at ease without some cards in his hand these days.". But I want the first class ship. Remember, it's when only the two of us know. Katra almost jumped. It was a lion's mouth. In his small private fleet, the flagship was a first-class warship, and the other four or five were small and medium-sized warships of the second to fifth class, which he had saved for many years. Without this flagship, the small fleet will lose more than half of its combat effectiveness. Does Strass think he is stupid? Zhang Hao didn't want to wrangle with Katra, a crafty old man, and once again increased the price of the deal: "Deputy commander of the second garrison fleet in the southern sector, do you want this position?" Carter's buttocks were almost out of his chair. Hearing this, he suddenly sank again and looked at Zhang Hao in surprise: "You.." Seriously? ' He even forgot to use the honorific. The position of the deputy commander of the second garrison fleet is very important. As long as his people sit in this position, the resources they can get are far more than those of his subordinates today. This is the second most powerful person in direct control of the fleet, and even if it is only the second fleet, Katra will be able to save another first-class warship in a few years. For this point, Katra is very confident that it is nothing more than a slight increase in training loss data. Without proof, Zhang Hao decisively issued a formal letter of recommendation, on which the column of the recommended person was blank. With this letter of recommendation, even if Strass goes back on his word, his reputation will stink in the street. The exchange of interests within the system, this kind of thing can not be repented, otherwise no one will trust this person in the future. Katra only hesitated for a day and accepted the deal the next day. In this way, Zhang Hao suddenly found a new way, and in the next few days he took all kinds of interests in the hands of Strass and went crazy. In addition to the commander, he did not go to provoke, and another deputy commander was also in the transaction. And Strass's subordinates, all got the power that used to be concentrated in the hands of Strass, which brought a lot of benefits to Zhang Hao, the "new" Strass. Zhang Hao doesn't need anything particularly precious, and they all have their own resources. From atomic fuel, to warship parts, all kinds of ammunition and weapons, all do not mind. The Strass he pretended to be will soon disappear from the world. For Zhang Hao, these powers are completely free trading resources. Dakota laughed at him in private, plucking wild geese, squeezing oil from stones,cattle weight tape, and selling Strass's reputation. Well, that's for sure. Many conditions and resources are effective when Strass is in this position. Once he disappears, it is not clear whether these exchanges of interests will work. But it's up to those people to do it. tapemeasure.net