Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist--Creating a Media Queen

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Triumph Aunt's frequent interruptions can stop him from wanting to kiss his white and delicate neck and his bright red lips, and stop him from doing anything that makes him regret.

Although very want to be natural and unrestrained, but Qi Qing still feels a little at a loss, the triumphant return of the conference room lets him feel a little guilty and. Worship, he did not attend the meeting presided over by Triumph, but he never felt like today that she was no longer an angel, but was full of dazzling brilliance. Um. The Queen, standing at the top of the castle representing the country's prosperity, looks down at the soldiers at her feet, arranges tasks decisively and confidently, and leads the people to expand their territory, which is so beautiful that people tremble. What are you thinking? Triumph looked at him with a smile on his lips. No The heart trembled again, Qi Qing perfunctorily asked casually: "What do you want to say when you call me here?" "Do you know why I want you to attend the meeting when I know you might talk to your brother?" Do you believe me? "Yes, I believe you." Clearly just want to ease the tension in the bottom of my heart and say casually, did not expect triumph actually admitted, immediately he did not know what to say next. Triumph was not very concerned about Qi Qing's silence. Seeing that he did not speak, Triumph went on to say: " 'Haosheng' is now managed by your eldest brother, and the management is very good. Although I didn't see your second brother in Beijing this time, I believe he must be your eldest brother's good assistant. So whether you go back to'Haosheng 'or not is of little significance. Shh, wait a minute. Wait for me to finish." If you want to own a day, I believe that "creation" will be the best base to cultivate you, but also the best stage for you to display yourself,Walking tape measure, here you should understand what I mean? I'm, uh, poaching. Interested? “……” "What's the matter?"? No interest? "Conditions?"? Position? Monthly salary? Annual salary? Treatment? I have to give me a little benefit before I can betray my family. Qi Qing is not a vegetarian, will have been so triumphant pressure to walk, but was just shocked by the scene, give him a little breathing time to recover. It's not as serious as you said. I just asked you to come to work. It's not a betrayal. As for the position. When you graduate, there will be a high-paying position for you. Do you mean to wait until I graduate? Don't tell me you told me four or five years in advance just to keep the talent. "That's exactly what I meant. I wanted to change your job, but I thought it was not suitable for you." "Oh,Surveyors tape measure, Manager Kai, why am I so arbitrary that I will jump to you?"? Why do you think I will stay in your company after graduation? Why do you think there is a job that is not suitable for me? "Well, Qi Qing, don't be strong. I can see that you have made the decision to come. We'll call your brother later and discuss it with him. I think he will be happy." Qi Qingmeng stood up and pressed in front of Triumph. He looked at her like a torch. He could almost feel each other's breath: "Triumph, why are you so confident that I will let you take whatever you want? My theft of trade secrets has been offset by cooperation. Don't always think about threatening me with these things." Triumph Hao does not flinch forward to gather together, the distance between each other's lips can only accommodate a paper-like distance, eyebrows slightly raised, from the tender cheeks show a mature charm different from the age, gently open the lips, eyes seduce the soul, slowly, one by one said: "I believe you, so I am confident." Fu Lan Xiang, "Cough!" Qi Qingxian couldn't help turning his face away, Wheel tape measure ,Fish measuring board, coughing awkwardly, turning his head back to the sofa, with an unnatural flush on his face, and at that moment, somehow, he clearly felt a subtle change in some part of his body, while his head kept clamoring and clamoring a little further. A little bit can touch that bright red as the attractive red lips of the cherry. Ambiguous ah, I drop ambiguous ah, too little, I do not do!!! Qi Qing, what are you hiding from? Triumph is not a fool, Qi Qing's change is completely in her eyes, saying that it is false to be unhappy, just as women like to wear beautiful new clothes to go shopping, when different members of the opposite sex look at themselves with admiration, it is a kind of pride, a kind of affirmation. Qi Qing first looked around awkwardly, but his eyes did not dare to fall on the face of Triumph, which had a deep meaning. Unnaturally, he said a little hoarsely, "I'll think about answering you. Is there anything else?"? It's all right. I'm going. Triumphant eyes bent into the moon and shook their heads. Leaving the office, Qi Qing pressed his head against the wall. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe it. Just because a little girl, a 13-year-old girl, smiled, he ran away. What did you hit today? Didn't you have a good rest? Yeah, it's been a long day. I'm hallucinating. She's just a little girl who hasn't grown up yet. She seems to have been tired all day. Qi Qing, although you are working hard now, it is still a great sense of achievement to raise her as a future wife. I heard that this is the cultivation period of a girl's character. It is exciting to think about her as a wife in her expectation. In ancient times, you could get married at the age of 13. What's so strange about Qi Qing? You can marry at the age of 13. Married.. Right, right, anyway, the age difference between the two of them is not big, just 8 years old, when the young lady grows up, Qi Qing is just 30 years old, perfect match. Perfect match.. …… Why does the heart beat so fast, why do you want to think of these, why is it still repeated in front of you, constantly appearing in front of her sitting at the conference table, calmly and decisively assigning tasks, raising your hands and feet with confidence. It breaks people's hearts. In the following days, Qi Qing had been intentionally or unintentionally avoiding triumph, but when no one noticed, his eyes were full of that small figure, but when the small figure looked over, he always chose to escape cowardly, even three times a week of counseling,Diameter tape measure, he chose to tutor in the living room of Kai's house, people came and went. Triumph Aunt's frequent interruptions can stop him from wanting to kiss his white and delicate neck and his bright red lips, and stop him from doing anything that makes him regret.