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And I think he has met the Goba people. Replied Rabah. Then take us to him, Uncle Rabah. Zhuo Mu Qiangba has turned his attention back. "But," said Laba, "I'm afraid the master will agree to this before you can see him.

Unexpectedly, the next is the three-headed dragon crazy spray colorful red light, covering a wide range, so that I can not hide. Helplessly, he skimmed the light of the sword, changed the direction, and planned to go around far away. This time, five other poisonous dragons arrived. I dare not continue to fight, and then change direction. After flying wildly for seventeen or eighteen minutes, I finally found that these eighteen ancient poisonous dragons were really on the same wavelength and cooperated closely. No matter how fast I go, there are several poisonous dragons waiting patiently over there. As long as I fight for a while, other poisonous dragons will come to help. In such a situation, I simply can not spare the hands to launch what the supreme ban. In addition to two flying swords, with the body magic weapon, the movement is a little slow, will be covered by the dragon-like dragon breath. Seeing that there was no way to break through, I had to retreat again, and this time the eighteen Archaic dragons did not chase, but watched me leave. As a result, I wanted to take advantage of their pursuit, adjust the magic, give them a ruthless, and now of course completely miscalculated. Why do I always remember that I seem to have a means to deal with them immediately? When I was depressed,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Xuanyuan Bingfeng kindly reminded me: "Qingniu, you'd better not try. When Qingfeng Mingjian comes, the four of us will try again.". In fact, in this case, it is best to have a piece of pineapple fragrance. "Yuluxiang!"! By the way, it's Luoxiang. If you don't tell me, I'll forget it. I still have this thing! Seeing me suddenly pull out a piece of pineapple incense in the shape of nine corners, the size of the desktop,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Xuanyuan Bingfeng looked at me in the eyes, already angry. Qingniu, although your family has assets, it is not good to invest so much in playing games, right? Don't tell me you bought this thing with half a month's profit of the company! Don't tell me that the company I'm taking over is full of holes and financial loopholes. "Cough!"! I play games and never spend money on equipment! I talked about what happened last time. Xuanyuan Bingfeng was relieved. Then he patted me on the shoulder and said forcefully, "I think the girl named Sheffield is really wise to break up with you as early as possible and avoid the miserable fate of being sold by you to plant corn on Mars!" "Nonsense, the farmers I sent to Mars grow authentic hybrid rice, who grows corn with low economic value.." Cough, forgot to say, I know nothing about agriculture, planting rice, should be more profitable than planting corn, right? Seeing that I was not ashamed to ask questions, Xuanyuan Bingfeng spread out his hands, shrugged his shoulders and said, "I have never seen any crops in my life. I don't know what the difference is between these two plants!" "Ya, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,stainless steel welded pipe, do you know how hard it is for the farmer uncle to farm?" "So I only buy the most expensive rice to eat!" "It's really sad to be defeated by you." It is rare for me to bicker and lose, but I still lost to Xuanyuan Bingfeng, who looks quite honest. I am depressed. I called out loudly, and listened to the tide with my sword, which was killing the monster with a stuffy head. I cut off two pieces of pineapple incense with the spirit of Gengjin Sword and gave them to the two of them. I said loudly: "Our plan this time is to divide them into three parts, separate the Archaic Dragon as far as possible, and then use the pineapple incense to make them be charmed.". Then the three of us joined forces to kill one of them. "After these fierce beasts are unconscious, as long as they attack, the wounded ones will wake up quickly, so we give up two of them first, so that the number of enemies will be reduced.". Then do the same steps once or twice, and you can circle and kill the rest of the Archaic Dragon. This plan, though very simple, embodies ancient military wisdom. When Tang Sanzang went to the West for Buddhist scriptures, Sun Wukong, the first bodyguard, fell into the trap of dividing the plum blossom petals. If the unlucky old demon hadn't insisted on eating it and stopped, he would have eaten the Tang Priest immediately after catching it. I'm afraid there would be four fewer practitioners in the West now. After the assignment, I was in charge of the northeast and southwest respectively, and Xuanyuan Bingfeng was in charge of the other place. Archaic dragon this time really helpless, divided into three teams, each team of six dragons, and we struggle up. This time the three of us had a plan in mind. Although it was hard to fight, we fought to the death. It was not easy to lead these eighteen big slippery loaches a hundred miles away. I sent a message that Xuanyuan Ice Wind and Sword Listening Tide all lit up the fragrance of the pineapple. As expected, the fragrance of the pineapple was a rare treasure. It was only a little bit on my side, and a group of colorful clouds and haze immediately spread and released, trapping the six ancient poisonous dragons in front of me. The archaic dragon, which had been aggressive, immediately wilted. Shushan Volume 26 Mummies Chapter 15 Www. XiaoshUotxt. COm of Split-petaled Plum Blossom Chapter 16 Xuanyin Hundred Butterflies After I went to meet Xuanyuan Bingfeng and listened to the tide, six ancient poisonous dragons were ravaged to death in an instant. This ancient poisonous dragon is rich in wealth, and the six poisonous dragons have lost five magic weapons, four of which are Buddhist treasures. When the three of us saw such a high probability of losing the treasure, we were all overjoyed. We immediately went to do another batch without stopping. After sweeping around, we counted and divided the spoils. A nine-order seven-treasure lotus was easily obtained by Xuanyuan after the three of us drew lots. The old bomb had some meaning to help, there was no greed, but the probability of the ancient dragon falling treasure was so high that he was overjoyed. A few of us swept a circle of the periphery of the spirit, waiting for a few hours, eighteen ancient dragon brush out again. This time is more relaxed, re-brush out of the ancient dragon, the level of the original, only 123, and the wisdom is also associated with a little lower, not as cunning as just now. If the three of us work together, we can even save the fragrance of the pineapple. While waiting for Qingfeng Mingjian to come, the three of us were so amazing that we put together all twenty-four pieces of seven-explosive equipment. Although, everyone's pocket is spare parts, but together, twelve pieces of equipment, ten magic weapons, two Buddha down, it is not a drop. Moreover,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, I made another Buddha treasure kit, a Buddha bone ring, on the body of a transparent ancient dragon that had appeared after brushing five times.