The Tang Dynasty thief is handsome

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And I think he has met the Goba people. Replied Rabah. Then take us to him, Uncle Rabah. Zhuo Mu Qiangba has turned his attention back. "But," said Laba, "I'm afraid the master will agree to this before you can see him.

Separated from Du He for more than three and a half years, the impression of getting along with Du He in Chang'an is really deep and vivid. The Tang Dynasty and Xiangxiong were friends of each other and traded with each other constantly, and the news of Duhe also spread to Xiangxiong through channels. In the first battle of Gaochang, Du He defeated seventy thousand Eastern Turks, captured Gaochang without bloodshed, and the Northern Expedition of Xue Yantuo, captured Hou Junji and so on, all of which are well known in Yaochi. Only feel that the sweetheart is unique in the world, no one can compare, such a situation, how can we forget. A year and a half ago, when the Tubo invaded, the Jade Pool had no choice but to give orders in the face of danger and carry the heavy burden on its shoulders. From then on, she never laughed, never cried, disguised her emotions, cast a high wall, and devoted all her energy to dealing with the invasion of Tubo. As soon as Duhe appeared, her suppressed emotions in the bottom of her heart broke out, and the pressure and fear of standing alone. Under the overflow of emotion, there is a place to vent and vent together. Du Heyi learned from Zhu Huo about the deep feelings of the Jade Pool. He could not bear to refuse. He did not speak. He just held her in his arms and gave her a harbor to rely on. After a long time, the Jade Pool said faintly, "Why are you here? I'm not dreaming, am I?" Du He chuckled and said, "No, we have got the news from Zhu Huo. This time,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, I personally led 130,000 troops to the rescue.". The army is now gathering in Qinghai and is trying to adapt to the unique climate here. It is estimated that it will be able to launch an offensive in about a month. It's just me.. I couldn't rest assured of you, so I came. Jade pool is moved, affectionately looking at him, a burst of sweet heart, looking at the face close at hand, stand on tiptoe, kissed his lips. Du He did not know how to deal with it for a moment. His lips were already connected, and his tender uvula was like a snake. Du he heart dark sigh,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, also aware of his mind, jade pool this bold and open, and tenderness of the woman, already in the depths of his heart there is a trace of status, followed by a warm response. Yanyan is light, Yingying is soft, right or wrong? Is it true or unreal? After their own experience, Du He and Yao Chi are no longer young girls who can't grasp the sense of propriety. Of course, the fire of dry wood has already shown signs of ignition. But at the critical moment, both sides braked in time. It is obviously more important to deal with Tubo than their own feelings. The two men sat side by side on the stone and exchanged views on the current situation. Yao Chi said sadly, "I, Xiang Xiong, am not as good as the Tang Dynasty. After a year and a half of decisive battle, I, Xiang Xiong, have suffered heavy losses. There are less than 40,000 able-bodied men in the clan, 20, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet,000 of whom are already at the front to meet the enemy.". The remaining 20,000 are in training and ready to go to war. If we continue to consume, it is estimated that only women and children will be able to participate in the war. Now all our food sources depend on the efforts of women, old people and children, and the loss of national strength is incalculable. Even if Du He had the preparation in his heart, he was still surprised to hear it at the moment, and he could not imagine that the situation would be so bad. "Don't worry too much," he consoled. "I'm here because it's all over. The one hundred and thirty thousand troops I brought are now stationed outside the territory of Tubo, even though they have not yet launched an attack. SongZan GanBu also dare not careless, must have divided his forces, transferred most of the military forces to defend the fortress. With their current strength, it's a fool's dream to take Pingdu Pass. The Jade Pool also understood this and breathed a sigh of relief. He suggested, "Now that I'm here, I'll report to my father and let you lead the troops. You're too strong for me. You'll be able to defeat the Tubo." Du He declined, saying, "It is very strange to fight. In the dark, I am a sharp blade that can stab the heart of Tubo.". I'm right behind you. Do you think Tubo has a better chance to deal with me in the way he deals with me, or to deal with me in the way he deals with you? "No wonder you're so mysterious," said Yao Chi, who was greatly enlightened. But you are too careful, we are all heroes, men and women, they are using their own blood to protect their homes, will not expose you. "Is it?" Du He smiled in disbelief and immediately told the Jade Pool what he had seen and heard when he came. Yao Chi suddenly stood up with a shocked look on his face and instinctively said, "Impossible.". ” Du He said calmly, "When I first heard Zhu Huo say that he was discovered, I felt a little strange.". You Xiangxiong and Tubo are all of the same blood, and you can't tell them apart just by their appearance. If you don't know he's such a person, it's not easy to catch him. What I saw and heard when I came confirmed this idea. Chapter 38 hide in my account. Chapter 38 hide in my account. "No, it's impossible. How could this happen?" The Jade Pool looked absent-minded and walked back and forth, never daring to believe it. What's the matter? Du He is surprised, the matter has been obvious, the Jade Pool is not a naive three-year-old child, what can not be accepted? "Zhu Huo's climbing skill is our last hope," said Yaochi in a trembling voice. Just in case, only four people know about it. Me, my father, and my two brothers. The pupil in Du He's eyes shrank and he understood the reason. If the news is not inadvertently spread, then the mole is likely to be a close relative, one of the two brothers of the Jade Pool. No wonder the Jade Pool has such a reaction. "Don't be oversensitive," said Du He. "Maybe it was leaked out unintentionally. It may not be your brother." He said so in his mouth, but in his heart he thought that the possibility of the two brothers was in the majority. Because Songtsen Gampo's plan was to capture King Xiangxiong alive, if there were no insiders of equal status, even if there were very few guards around King Xiangxiong, it would not be easy to succeed. The son is not the same, even if the son is incompetent, not promising, like the male king as a father, it is impossible to guard against their own children. Du He was worried about the mood of the Jade Pool and did not speak out. He just said, "No matter who it is, if the internal troubles are not eliminated, the foreign invasion will be difficult to solve. To resist foreign aggression, we must first pacify the interior." After a year's experience, the Jade Pool also had the determination of a commander in chief. He nodded and said, "Just act according to your plan. Before they act, catch them in one fell swoop and catch the stolen goods." As she spoke,304 Stainless Steel Bar, she was ready to make arrangements. Just as she was about to leave, she stopped and hesitated. "You can't expose yourself," she said. "Where can you live?" 。