I deliver takeout in the world by Krypton Gold Ou Huang

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I feel great and have a great sense of achievement! 【666:……】 Why don't you promise me? Don't you want to? QAQ】 [666: Good.] How could I not? I just.. I like you so much. Even if you are so stupid, I like you.

Although the liquid is strong.. But He has a fatal flaw, afraid of fire! And that soul flame, in essence, is also a flame! Ye Chen must have enough confidence! Have the power to crush the old demon of the Black Mountain! System "Not enough!" “ In the past few days, I have traveled through the Three Kingdoms, through Biochemical Crisis, through the initial d world of Fujiwara Takumi, through Venom Slow Power.. "But it's not enough!" “ My power, although the attributes have improved a little, although I have gained some Alice super human blood, viruses, licker mutant zombies, venom, but not enough! "I want more power!" "Quick, send me more orders!" Leaf Morning looking at Xiaoqian that beautiful face, in the heart, there is infinite power! If, can save Xiaoqian, kill that black mountain old demon, Ye Chen still has a lottery! God-level lottery, the next half of the probability, can bring back Xiaoqian, he has been single for too long, the general woman he does not like, he wants to take Xiaoqian, to the real world, with Xiaoqian to see her long favorite fireworks in the south of the Yangtze River! Want Let Xiaoqian live a happy life! This At that time, he was extremely eager for strength! Didi, system prompt, are you eager for power? Chapter 539 orders from Gaowu World! The voice of the system came, and Ye Chen was slightly stunned. . "Desire!"! I am hungry for strength! "Well,caustic calcined magnesite, due to the strong willpower of the owner, the system hereby distributes additional takeout orders!" Leaf Morning in the heart a happy! "Cool!" "It's my system!" The system is for Ye Chen, what Ye Chen wants, the system will come! "Didi!" "The system prompts that there is now a takeout order from the world of advanced force!" "Please prepare the ingredients, prepare the vehicle and deliver the takeout across the world within 30 minutes!" “ OK! 'Leaf Chen now in order to enhance the strength, any order must be accepted! Go at once! Ye Chen calls out his takeout clothes from the space! System, what are the special needs of this takeout? “ Didi, the system prompts, this takeout, the publisher needs ramen! "Ramen!" “ And it's a large portion of ramen, preferably in large quantities! Ye Chen recalled that in the movies and TV animations he had seen, as well as the protagonists who liked to eat ramen. Not much! Leaf Morning quickly locked a few characters, but not sure, quickly agreed to come down! Ran After the lightning, put on the Venom costume! "Mask!" Poison The liquid flowed all over Ye Chen's body! Boom ! Rise like a skyrocket! Straight Then he jumped into the sky and scanned the shops below! The lights of all kinds of shops, about thousands of shops, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,dap diammonium phosphate, are shaped in Ye Chen's mind. Ye Chen's strong eyesight, coupled with the analytical ability of the second-level brain development, quickly searches for the words related to ramen in the words inside! Ran After! None Counting the location of the ramen restaurant, gathered in Ye Chen's brain! "Lanzhou Ramen!" Leaf Bright in the morning! This After all, is the western region, the most natural is the world's popular Lanzhou noodles! One Clear (soup) two white (radish) three red (hot pepper) four green (coriander garlic shoots) five yellow (noodles yellow bright)! It is estimated that no one in the world has not eaten this ramen! By It is called one of the ten sides of China! At Overseas, it is also as famous as the legendary world's strongest chain of sand line snacks! "That's you!" Leaf I fixed my eyes on it in the morning and locked in a restaurant of Lanzhou Ramen! This ramen, people in the other world, must like to eat! After all, Chinese food is the best in the world! This This kind of ramen is sure to get five-star praise, and... It can also promote Chinese food. ! Why not!? Leaf Morning without hesitation! Straight Then rushed to the ramen shop and sped past! At Jumping in the air, I arrived at the biggest ramen shop! "Boss, 10 Lanzhou Ramen!" Leaf Chen said to the boss! “ It's to be packed away! The boss is stunned, this takeaway boy, the demand is very big! "All right!"! Wait a minute! Brush ! Suddenly, the boss placed an order and let the young man start pulling noodles! Small Gang is still a rap, at this time in the hands of ramen, in the air constantly turned out flowers, constantly elongated, showing the perfect arm strength, as well as the perfect feel! In particular, This guy's way of pulling noodles, very enchanting and charming, noodles in the side, constantly rotating and flying, but is not touching the ground, also can not touch their own body, constantly rotating, the boy's body, also with the enchanting twist! ? With Wiggle on one side! Also With the background music BGM, singing rap! "Look at this face!" “ He's long and thin! "Like this bowl, it's big and round!" "You." " Come here "I, in the shop, eat!" “ I think the noodles are delicious. “ I'm happy! 。 It's amazing! Leaf Morning tut tut wonder! Fruit However, delivery, express delivery, hand-pulled noodles.. . Everyone is a talented person. ! Zhou Around a lot of people are recording video, Ye Chen out of fun, also recorded down, his Phelps dedicated Shanzhai waterproof mobile phone, although only one percent of the power, but after all, is a domestic machine, one percent of the power can last two hours! Charge one percent, load ratio two hours! Taking advantage of this time, Ye Chen made a phone call to Shi Lezhi! Hey, Shi Lezhi, I'm at 222 Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant. Your Ferrari was smashed by me. Send me a car. I want to use it now! That Shi Lezhi of the head is stupefied, but rapid reaction comes over! Be right there! “ What kind of car do you want? Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, Rolls-Royce.. Le Zhi excited, God Ye Chen's request, he dare not agree? And And now is your chance to shine!. stargrace-magnesite.com