Huanzhu Landlord _ Shushan Swordsman Biography

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After Yan's eyes glanced at her, he gave a faint "um". Warm: "…" He is never submissive to those who are tough, and he can listen to good words? He just can't fight. He eats soft and doesn't eat hard! Chapter 15 Yan Demon ate two bowls in silence

Lingyun and Ziling also came back from the cave and were surprised to see Szeto Ping. One side uses the immortal ruler to resist the thunder and fire, one side asks about the previous situation. Only then did I know that the person who took Szeto Ping away in the snow depression on the cliff of Xuanbing Valley that day was Yixiu, a generous real person in the Nine Immortals Cave of Lingyang Peak in Wushan Mountain. He is the only person who has not been born for many years and who is superior to the good and evil factions. Passing by Qingluo, I walked to the top of the snowy mountain and saw the demon fog and fire below. I accidentally saw that Szeto Ping was gifted and had a predestined relationship with him. For a moment, I was so happy that I took Szeto Ping back to the mountain and passed on some Taoism. Only more than ten days, then left Szeto Ping, life in the cave to refine the magic he taught, and then travel alone. A few days ago, I went back and taught him a pair of Oolong scissors, two magic amulets and a note. He said, "The Fairy Mansion of Emei is now trapped by the sorcerer. Soon after the rescue, it will be the time for the Heavenly Fox to escape. You must go back before the time.". Saw the day fox two female, according to the invitation to act. There is a demon array over there, and I can't go down without my amulet. Next time, if you see the golden flower purple gas, it is the Xuantian Zhibao Jiutian yuanyang ruler held by the disciples of Emei. You can meet each other as soon as you appear. You have to do something for me beforehand: At the bottom of the White Rhinoceros Pool in Minshan Mountain, there lives a friend of mine whom I haven't seen for many years. You can take another magic amulet and a bamboo slip, make a detour to the edge of the pool, and shout three times, 'Fairy Han, someone has brought you a book.'. Then do not stop, will be thrown into the pool of bamboo slips, no matter what movement, do not look back. He only used the mantra I passed on quickly, and then returned to Emei with the magic amulet. But the past tense is very difficult. When you drive your sword to Minshan Mountain, you must fall. The pool was at the back of the mountain, and the surrounding cliffs were gloomy and quiet, and the road was very steep and difficult to walk. You must worship step by step at the foot of the mountain to the edge of the pool. There will be many difficulties and hardships on the way. If your mind is not strong enough, you will delay my work. You are also worried about your life. Don't be careless. If this is done, I will help you achieve your wish in the future, in order to reward this effort. Szeto Pingqian was a disciple of Wanmiao Fairy. He didn't know much about it, but he had heard of the name of the God camel Yixiu. Knowing that he has great ability, but ordering himself to do things for him, it must not be easy. But the man had a strange disposition and could not disobey him at all. Kuang also got a lot of benefits from him, and he was even more duty-bound, so he had to kneel down respectfully to thank him for his orders. Shen Tuo Yi Xiu called up Szeto Ping with a smile, gave him another pill to take, and ordered him to get up immediately. He said that he had made an appointment with someone and would come out for a trip. When you pass by Emei, you may reach out to meddle. Stop talking and go. After seeing off Shen Tuo Yi Xiu, Szeto Ping headed for the Minshan Mountains alone. At the foot of the mountain, the light of the sword fell,heavy duty rack manufacturers, according to the path pointed out by the God camel Yixiu, sincerely, step by step to worship up. It's easy to get up at first. Later, the mountain path became more and more rugged. From then on, I worshipped for a day and a night without stopping a step. I had not yet walked half of the way. For ordinary people, even if they are not tired to death, they can't stand it even if they are hungry and thirsty all the way. Finally, Szeto Ping had deep cultivation skills, and he had an elixir to supplement his physical strength. Although he felt tired and exhausted, he was still able to support himself. He has always been honest and has been entrusted with great trust. He knows that the road ahead is difficult, and that is not the only thing. In addition to kneeling down and worshipping, he must also pay attention to the movement along the road. There was no sign of anything in the first day or two. Worship to the morning of the third day, worship into a gorge, two cliffs stand, thousands of feet high, sometimes there are clouds around the cliff, the cliff is covered with green moss, green can not climb. There is only a natural stone ridge less than a foot wide on the road ahead, which is obliquely attached to the cliff waist hundreds of feet above the ground. Below is a bottomless deep ravine, vast waves, medium duty racking ,metal racking systems, flying spring hit the stone, stirred up a spray of water vapor, enveloped the surface of the ravine, into a vast expanse of white smoke. I can only hear the sound of the waves, but I can't see the real current. It is true that the upper part is thin and green, and the lower part has no land. It is extremely dangerous and secluded, and the ape is hard to cross. Szeto Ping worshipped on the narrow stone ridge, knowing that he had reached a critical moment, and that he did not know whether there was any danger on the road ahead. If he was not careful, he fell short of success. Slow down a little, concentrate, lift all the True Qi to the upper part of the body, put your knees together, perform the most Taoist salute, throw yourself to the ground, kneel down and walk forward. The stone ridge was originally slanting outward, the narrow place only allowed one knee, the strength could not be balanced, a little carelessness, it would slip to the bottom of the ravine. Once Szeto Ping had the ability to practice Qi, he knelt down and worshipped for days without stopping. Under the influence of his mind and spirit, he carried Qi to walk along the dangerous wall, which was extremely difficult and dangerous for snakes to walk. It was really ten times harder than learning to fly against Qi for the first time. Fortunately, the stone ridge around the cliff waist, although high and low, wide and narrow, some are not smooth, there is no interruption, otherwise there is nothing to do. After walking for half a day, the deeper he went, the more dangerous the situation became. He was so tired that his feet were soft and numb, and his spirit was scattered, but his heart did not slacken at all. Instead, he became more and more pious. Walk to a place, the cliff back to the stone, silently recall the journey, turn the cliff corner, the path through a cave, is the edge of the pool. Success is imminent, the heart is overjoyed, can not help the spirit of a lift, worship to the edge of the cliff, just stand up, to be broken over the cliff corner, re-worship down, have not yet looked at the path ahead, suddenly a light cloud split up. By the time he got up after worshipping, he was already in a state of confusion, wrapped in clouds, and unable to distinguish five fingers from his hand. Under the cover of the cliff, this is dark, not as usual, there is no moonlight on the road. And when the spirit is exhausted, two eyes straight see stars, where to see the scene in front of you. Obeying the order of the God camel Yixiu, he could neither release the sword light to illuminate the road, nor use the escape method to fly, so he had to refresh his luck, be extra careful, and move forward step by step. Worship had not walked two or three steps, suddenly smell strange fishy pungent. Looking ahead, I saw a pair of golden lights as big as a sea bowl in the clouds, each with a red heart the size of a wine cup in the middle, brighter than the fire, shining like a pair of huge strange eyes,push back racking system, flashing, slowly moving forward, not far from me.