Take the west entrance

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After Yan's eyes glanced at her, he gave a faint "um". Warm: "…" He is never submissive to those who are tough, and he can listen to good words? He just can't fight. He eats soft and doesn't eat hard! Chapter 15 Yan Demon ate two bowls in silence

After hearing Taichun's words, the Mongolian gazelle simply took off his shoes and put them on the Kang. "I won't go tonight," he said with a smile. "I'll hit the quilt with my brother." Taichun drove the Mongolian gazelle away and said, "Go, go, go. You're all married. Why do you still rely on me?" The Mongolian gazelle laughed and said, "The daughter-in-law is the daughter-in-law, and the elder brother is the elder brother. It's different!" That night, the Mongolian gazelle didn't leave after all. The two brothers talked about the business in the middle of the night. To say that Taichun's mood at the moment is mixed. To do business is to do big business, and to be a big shopkeeper is not to say that it is almost a blessing from heaven, but his past failures have made him learn a lesson from the bitter experience. He hesitated to make a decision on the matter in front of him. If he made it, everyone would be happy. If he smashed it again.. Alas, when this good thing comes, it is also full of sorrow. The next morning, the Mongolian gazelle was sweeping the yard. Inadvertently, he looked up and saw Bu Tai riding a horse coming this way. The Mongolian gazelle shouted into the room, Brother! Master Bu is here. !" When Taichun ran out of the house, Bu Tai had already arrived at the gate of the courtyard. "Master Bu," cried Taichun respectfully, "have you come out so early? Haven't you had breakfast yet? "Then he took the reins from Bu Tai and led the horse into the yard.". Bu Tai strode into the yard and said in a loud voice, "Xu Taichun, are you going to do what we're talking about or not?"? You give me a quick word. !" "Master Bu," said Huang Yanglian,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, "do it." Bu Tai: "Mongolian gazelle, shut up. It's not up to you. I want a word from Xu Taichun." Taichun: "Master Bu, why are you in such a hurry? Anyway, you have to go into the room first. Can we sit down and talk?" Bu Tai: "I don't have time. Let's make it clear here." Taichun hesitated, "Master Bu, please let me think about it again." Bu Tai: What is there to think about! So you don't want to work with me, Boo Tai. Right? If that's the case, I won't insist. 。" Taichun hastened to explain,teardrop pallet racking, "No, Master Bu, don't get me wrong.". I have to wait for my brother Zhang Youhe to come back. I have to discuss with my brother Youhe. "Where is Zhang Youhe?" Asked Bu Tai. The Mongolian gazelle interjected, "I have gone back to my hometown in Shanxi to visit my relatives." "That will have to wait for a long time!"! No way You go with me now! "As he spoke, Butai reached out and took Taichun's hand and walked away.". "The more unhappy you are, the more I want to hire you," said Bu Tai! Others are rushing to find me. I don't like it yet! Taichun leaned back and begged, "Master Bu, Master Bu, this is not the way to do things. Let me think about it." Bu Tai shouted, "There's nothing to think about. Just come with me. When we sign the contract, you can think whatever you like. I don't care!" Suddenly, Tai Chun shouted, "Master Bu, your horse has run away!" While Bu Tai was stunned, Tai Chun threw Bu Tai away and rushed out of the yard. Bu Tai came to his senses and saw that Tai Chun had run away along the ridge of the wheat field. He shouted, metal racking systems ,industrial racking systems, "Good boy, dare to fool me!" So he ran after him with great strides. Bu Tai was tall and strong. Although he was already in his late thirties, he was unusually light. As he ran, he shouted, "Xu Taichun!"! You come back here. !" Taichun stood on the ridge of the field, saw Bu Tai catch up, and immediately turned around and ran again. Bu Tai shouted, "Taichun, you guys are making me angry. I must catch you today!" Bu Tai slanted through the cropland to catch up with Tai Chun. After all, he caught Tai Chun. "Where else are you going?" He gasped. Then, as if wrestling, the two men dragged over and over the field, crushing a large area of crops beside them. Bu Tai grabbed Tai Chun and asked, "Do you think you would like to do business with me?" Taichun: Master Bu, when did I say I didn't want to? I do !" Bu Tai: "If you are willing, what are you talking about?" Taichun tried his best to hold his breath and said sincerely, "Master Bu, I have to think carefully about such a big thing.". " Bu Tai: What is there to think about! How about this Let's fall down. You're going to win. I'll listen to you. If I win, you'll come with me immediately. Cut the crap! Taichun looked at Bu Tai's stout body, clenched his teeth and said, "All right!" Bu Tai took off his coat and threw it on the ground, revealing his lumps all over his body and a palm-wide belt around his waist. Tai Chun also took off his lined jacket. Tighten your belt. With these words, they fell down on the ridge of the field. Although Butai was in his forties, he was strong and burly, and he had been playing with guns and sticks all the year round, so he didn't take Taichun seriously. In terms of strength, I'm afraid he's no match for Bu Tai, but he's also a kungfu student, and he's very flexible in moving and jumping. He relies on his youth and doesn't see Bu Tai in his eyes. After several rounds of greeting, Taichun's eagerness to win Bu Tai was somewhat chaotic. Bu Tai saw all this in his eyes, so he sold a flaw and pretended to be unable to resist. Taichun did not know what the plan was and rushed straight to Bu Tai. Just then, Bu Tai's body flashed to let Taichun pass, and Taichun threw himself on the ground, and Bu Tai took the opportunity to crush Taichun on the ground. Bu Tai asked, "Xu Taichun, will you follow or not?" Tai Chun doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Master Bu, keep your hands light. Can't I?" Bu Tai loosened Tai Chun and said, "Oh, that's right!"! Tae-chun Listen to me. You just throw your arms away and work in the front. Master Bu, I'll support your waist in the back. It won't take us a year and a half to get our business. Then Bu Tai laughed and said, "Ha ha, my Bu Tai's business is about to open. Wen Quanbao, you wait. I want to make a beautiful business for you to see. You can prepare your all-brick and all-tile quadrangle." In a private room of the Grand View Garden, Na Ye and her father were already there. Lord Shagdel accompanied the father and daughter to drink tea and talk. Paper, ink, brush and inkstone were placed on the table. Just then, as soon as the waiter lifted the door curtain, Bu Tai came in, followed by Xu Taichun and Yun Huangyang. "Please, sit down,shuttle rack system, Master Bu," said Lord Shagdel. Bu Tai folded his fists and said, "I'm sorry for everyone. I'm late." Said Bu Tai picked up a seat and sat down. Taichun hesitated to sit down. He noticed the contract on the table. kingmoreracking.com