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Wu Dan wept and kowtowed, and mounted his horse to deliver the decree. Kangxi summoned the officers and men

"Let's go," said Lin Tiancheng, who looked like Premier Zhou in appearance and temperament, looking at the uniformed law enforcers. Looking at his light appearance, several law enforcement officers were stunned, but they were not polite, but took Lin Tiancheng away. On the other end of the phone, listening to the busy tone of disconnection, Lin Yu was burning with anxiety. Lin Yu, the father who took his work seriously and worked overtime 365 days a year, clenched his fists. The father went in, so he was the only man in the family! Because the matter came suddenly, he and Liang Jing said goodbye and took the lead in leaving to contact his mother Wang Chunhua. But on this day, Wang Chunhua took Shen Bing and Lin Ran to a good beauty shop to do "solusparagula" to see and learn some superficial experience. Different forms of spa include cold bath, hot bath, hot and cold water bath, sea bath, spring bath and tap water bath. Each bath can relax, relieve tension and tired muscles and nerves to a certain extent, eliminate toxins in the body, prevent and treat diseases. In recent years, it has been found that hydrotherapy combined with various aromatic essential oil massage can accelerate fat burning and have the effect of slimming. Wang Chunhua, who was full of interest, took the two beauties to experience several different water baths, and was happy to the extreme,manganese beneficiation plant, but also did more for a long time. When doing spa, you usually need to undress, so Wang Chunhua's mobile phone was put in the wardrobe of the dressing room. So when Lin Yu was burning with anxiety, he could not get a response from his mother on the phone. This time, already worried about his father, he unconsciously began to worry about the safety of his mother, afraid that those people would also attack his mother. At this moment of the day, Lin Yu felt that the sky was gray and he was absent seriously when he was walking on the street. Feeling really uncomfortable and unable to think normally, Lin Yu dialed Qi Yue's phone, believing that he would relax a lot when he heard the girl's voice like an elf. Hey, why do you want to call your sister? After the phone was connected, Qi Yue said with a smile that her cheerful language made people feel happy as soon as they heard it. Lin Yu, who needed the girl's comfort most, Portable gold trommel ,gold CIP machine, stood in the crowded street and whispered back: "Nothing, I just miss you." "Hum, you have a little conscience to have a big meal with your sister tonight." Qi Yue said with a smile. After listening to the girl's clear voice and taking a few deep breaths, Lin Yu's mood also relaxed a lot, not as depressed as just now. In order to adjust his mood, he smiled reluctantly and said, "You didn't do anything about that last night, did you?" Of course it's all right. Hey, you still care about me. The palace is deeply gratified. Qi Yue's little classmate became happy in Lin Yu's simple language. Her simple little happiness is not something that ordinary people can understand, at least people with complex minds can never understand. It's all right. I thought you were going to be in pain! Think of the passion of last night, Lin Yu felt endless aftertaste, simply think about the feeling. But at this time Qi Yue said: "Yesterday I and Zhi Lin lived downstairs because I was distracted and bumped into the door, but now it doesn't hurt at all.". Zhi Lin is also secretly telling you this little thing! Hearing the girl's innocent language, Lin Yu smiled and said, "You can hit the door when you walk. You are really a stooge!" But the next moment he suddenly exclaimed, "Holy shit!!!" He hung up the phone! Qi Yue actually said that she lived downstairs with Yang Zhilin last night. Then I touched it and did it indirectly, although I didn't get into the front, but I got into the back. Then it can only be Xiao Qiangwei. Thinking of this, Lin Yu's face suddenly turned red and even put his parents' affairs behind him for the time being. I actually took advantage of Xiao Qiangwei, and it was the kind of advantage that I couldn't get any closer to! No wonder some places feel different! Lin Yu has just recovered now, and even if his heart quality is good, he can't help blushing and heartbeat. He felt his face burning badly when he thought of the embarrassment they would face in the future. But why didn't the girl who had woken up when she was about to enter resist? Thinking of this, Lin Yu became even more entangled, and now his mind was already in a mess. Thinking of his impatience last night and all the strong reactions of the girl's body, Lin Yu had an impulse to commit suicide to thank the world. But the more entangled and helpless he was, the more he could think of some details when he took advantage of them, and he could not help feeling better. Feeling that he could not control his thoughts, Lin Yu slapped himself heavily in the street. He scolded himself for being a beast and then dialed Qi Yue's phone again and asked, "Did Xiao Yue's mother contact you today?" There is no contact today. But yesterday she called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the beauty salon with her today. I guess she's in a spa at some club right now! Qi Yue thought a little and then answered. Oh, I see. Since the mother should be all right, Lin Yu's heart was a little relieved. Then he opened his mouth and asked, "Since you and Zhi Lin went downstairs to live, where is Sister Rose now?" When he asked this, he felt his heart beat faster obviously, and he wanted to confirm the facts and was afraid to hear them. Qi Yue, who did not know what was going on, said with a smile, "She lived downstairs yesterday and is now revising the ten songs with Zhi Lin to achieve perfection!" Lin Yu was completely sure that he had given Xiao Qiangwei that. Chapter 254 where the problem lies. In this busy world, anything can happen and then become a passing cloud. But there is a topic that will last forever and become an eternal classic, that is love! Throughout the ages, it seems that the only thing that people have not forgotten and left in their memory is the theme of love. Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai,tin beneficiation plant, Romeo and Juliet are the eternal theme of true love in people's hearts. But apart from the stories of Ehuang and Nvying, few people will praise polyamory. So Lin Yu secretly suppressed some of his inner emotions after confirming that he had indecently assaulted Xiao Qiangwei, thinking that he would pretend that nothing had happened and that he did not know. Then he hung up the phone and turned his thoughts to his father. ore-magnetic-mining.com