The City in Desire

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Wu Dan wept and kowtowed, and mounted his horse to deliver the decree. Kangxi summoned the officers and men

A big circle drawn on the paper represents our plan this time. The two question marks in the circle were my two difficult problems. I looked at the pattern in front of me, and the more I looked at it, the more I felt that the thing I had drawn seemed to be a skull with a fierce light in my eyes. I couldn't help but feel a chill in my heart, so I crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it away. At daybreak, I immediately summoned three of my men, and then I issued an even more depressing order to Byron-we don't do anything today! I gave Regan and Monica the day off, and then I took Byron and the two of them straight to the Stock Exchange Center in Frankfurt. I decided not to sit in front of the computer today to trade-to be exact, I am not going to sell today, do nothing, and decided to be a bystander. In the morning, when the stock market opened on time, Byron and I sat on the floor of the Stock Exchange Center and watched the fluctuation of stock prices. Byron was obviously in a low mood, and the expression on his face showed his dissatisfaction. I know exactly what he's thinking. He complained to me several times on the way here. He gently warned me that as a leader, we should not shrink back at this time, but should seize the opportunity to act. On this point, I admit that he is quite right-if my purpose is really to help ibb succeed in acquiring Henkel, I really should do it. But unfortunately,gold heap leaching, my goal is the opposite. Byron's other complaint was that since I had decided to enter the market today, why did Regan and Monica have a holiday while he accompanied me here to "waste time"-these four words were his exact words. To be honest, as a Chinese, I really can't accept this habit of Americans. You know, at home, if the leader wants you to do something,Carbon in Pulp, who dares to object and who dares to complain? These Americans attach great importance to their personal interests, and their personal interests are very noble in their hearts, and the boss has no right to infringe on them. I did not pay attention to his complaints, but looked at the stock market. Chen yuan assumed a very strong posture today. As soon as the market opened, he invested a large amount of money. After a big smash, the stock price of Henkel was pulled up to the price of 11.5 yuan. Today, without me against him, Chen yuan is very easy to control. At half past ten in the morning, sure enough, the guy did it again. Several anonymous accounts immediately threw out numerous sell orders, and the stock price immediately stopped rising. Chen yuan suddenly stopped at this time-lost Chen yuan's resistance, Henkel's share price fell again. Chen yuan seemed to have the same idea as me, chrome washing machine ,coltan ore processing, and he simply ignored it. Let the other side to suppress the stock price, Chen yuan there stay put. In the afternoon, the stock price had fallen to eleven yuan. I sneer at the number on the stock price, squint my eyes, and think: Go on, I want to see what you want to do. Chen yuan that end is still no movement, it seems that he also made up his mind, to see what this mysterious figure can do-smash it, the lower the stock price, this mysterious guy himself is losing money, is he more money fun? Chen yuan and I do not sell, he himself hit the stock price down, see what he wants in the end! "Mr. Chen." Byron's face was grave. "I felt like the other side was really helping us." "Oh?" My heart moved and I looked at my professional. From today to now, he has smashed the stock price to eleven yuan at one go. According to this standard, he has invested a lot of money. But now the lower the stock price is, the more he loses. Now it's clear that it's no good for him to do so. Is he really here to help us deal with Chen yuan? I also thought of this question. If the other side is an international speculator, then he should stop when he sees that Chen yuan and I are not moving today. If a speculator does this, then his only way to make money is to estimate to help me work together to depress the stock price, and then wait until we have a new round of "rat trading", taking advantage of the short-term opportunity to raise the stock price and earn the difference-but now Chen yuan and I have stopped "rat trading". The other party still spares no effort to throw money into it, which makes people really confused. I lit a cigarette and smiled grimly at the corners of my mouth. "Anyway, today, he spent a lot of money and lost a lot of money.". I'd like to see how much he's prepared to pay. Byron shook his head. "If we don't have a rest today, I'm afraid …" I immediately interrupted him: "There is no if.". Byron, I'm telling you. We don't have any allies, and this guy is definitely not helping us in good faith. Byron muttered, "But now." I shook my head. "The situation looks good now, but it's just that we don't see through each other's real intentions.". You know, nobody's money falls from the sky. No one is willing to spend tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of yuan to learn from Lei Feng to do good deeds! "Lei Feng?" Byron stared at me with blue eyes. I smiled: "That is a celebrity we Chinese people know, a person who specializes in doing good deeds to help others and never cares about his own interests, a great person." I ignored Byron's surprised eyes. I knew that by the standards of an American, they could not understand Lei Feng's spirit. I looked at the people coming and going in the hall and said silently, "Hustle and bustle, all for fame and fortune.". Without benefits, who would do that? But the question is, where does the benefit come from when he does this? We went back to Hamburg from Frankfurt in the evening. The European railway transportation is very fast. By the time Byron and I returned to the hotel, Regan and Monica were already waiting for us to have dinner. The two had a good time in Hamburg today, and Regan seemed very enthusiastic about Monica. I knew that the Frenchman's natural romantic feelings were at work again- "a nation overflowing with love." I laughed in my heart. During the meal,sodium cyanide price, I announced again that we would still have a holiday tomorrow, but Byron still had to stick to the stock market observation with me. Although I had promised to double Byron's overtime pay, the guy looked a little glum.