Male protagonist, please don't twist the plot [wear the book] -- Nan Wei

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Original Title: Similarities and Differences of Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Fully Hydraulic Down-the-Hole Drills

Take care of their land and people. They produce technology, and what is a technology stock?! Said to give food, but who can guarantee that we will receive food? If there is a drought, a plague of locusts or something, won't you lose all your money?! If it were him, he would have beaten the big stick out long ago. Why is your own general in such a good mood?! "Subordinates think this is a good way." Liu Jianjun, who had been silent all the time, took the lead in speaking, his eyes shining faintly. Wei Xiaowei couldn't bear it any longer. "What's wrong with that?" He exclaimed. Where.. Why didn't he see it at all? He just felt that the Chu family had suffered a loss. Liu Jianjun couldn't help giving Wei Xiaowei a supercilious look in his heart. As soon as the bull marched and fought, he was full of vigor and vitality, with one idea after another. When it comes to these common things, my brain is a mess. People don't want to talk to him. The fifty thousand bandits, their Chu family has swallowed very hard, become a heavy burden on the Chu family. Dividing out one thousand people is only a drop in the bucket for the Chu family in terms of reducing pressure. However, the one thousand people can bring a steady stream of food to the Chu family, which is the key point. Although it is three or seven points. However, with the strength of the Shen family, where can we eat seven points? As long as these seven points are in Longxi, sooner or later they will not be the meat on their plates? Isn't what they lack now the people who grow food? There is a large area of fertile land in west Gansu, but no one cultivates it. Nine out of ten rooms are empty. It was a pity that those fertile fields were left empty. If they could be cultivated by the Shen family, it would be the best of both worlds. And they seem to be out of the field, out of the people, pay more, but that is only a one-time pay, but it brings a steady stream of harvest. If the Shen family is really good at farming, this mode of cooperation. There is much to be done! "But.." But can the Shen family really grow those fields well? Wei Xiaowei listened to Liu Jianjun's analysis, finally understood a few minutes, then raised the most acute question. Liu Jianjun this time really rolled his eyes to Wei Xiaowei, "if the Shen family is not sure, thousands of miles late Longxi line, is it just to amuse you Wei Daxiuwei play?" Full?! Not to mention the difficulties and obstacles along the way, refugees, bandits run amuck, a careless will lose their lives. Who has the time and energy to entertain you? Is this really possible..? Wei Xiaowei still has some doubts. General, although Shen's plan is good, we can also let go. However, this Longxi fertile land is mostly in the hands of those aristocratic landlords, although they have no one to cultivate, but want them to sell the land. Fear is also a difficult thing. "" Even if these aristocratic families die, Pallet rack beams , they will firmly grasp the land in their own hands, which will be willing to sell to them. Moreover, for Shen's advance payment of this thousand acres of fertile land is a sum of money. It's not much, just a few thousand pieces of gold. But it's also an expense, isn't it? Why did Shen use grain instead? Said that Shen Shi can't come up with a few thousand gold, Liu Jianjun is not believe. These days, can be called an aristocratic family, the family can afford a swordsman, who can not afford this thousands of gold?! Afraid is worried that the mountains are high and the rivers are far away, although the thousands of gold are not much, but if it is transported from Luoyang to Longxi, it will be too hard. It is better to exchange food for it. Anyway, for Chujiajun and Zhenfu army, gold and silver are not important, but food is precious. If Shen Yaolin knew that Liu Jianjun had guessed what she was thinking, he would be a bosom friend. That's what she thinks. From Luoyang to Longxi on a few cars of gold, that is not hanging a piece of meat in front of a group of hungry wolves for a walk? The Shen family did not have the strength to escort thousands of gold from Luoyang to Longxi safely. Admittedly, the north of Chu is absolutely have the strength. But how much time will it take to come and go? How much manpower? Chu Bei is also a person who does great things anyway, presumably will not be in a few thousand gold above with her, simply use food for, anyway, what they lack most is food, so that it is convenient for each other, not very good? As soon as Liu Jianjun's voice fell, Wei Xiaowei's eyes shone. There's a word he can understand. Don't you just don't want to sell land? What's so difficult about that? They don't want to pay yet, so they have to hand it in. Chu Bei's slender fingers clasped a few times on the table and opened his mouth lightly, "If there is really no money and no food." Handover. It is also possible. "Yes!" Wei a captain patted Liu Jianjun on the shoulder. No food, right?! No money, right?! There must be that place, right?! We don't mind taking whatever we have. Anyway, they are ruffians. Several major events in Liu Jianjun's mind were solved in a few words. Liu Jianjun felt that his shoulders were loosened and the whole person was loosened. The rest of the matter, please Wei Xiaowei. Liu Jianjun solemnly made a big gift to Wei Xiaowei. When his red face finished singing, it was time for Wei Xiaowei, the white face, to come on stage. Never mind, never mind. We have to go to him about this! He's happy. Wei Xiaowei's big face smiled into a flower. On the second day of Chu Bei Jue, he summoned Shen Zhao and Yan Nian and told them the decision of the Chu family. Shen Zhaoxi couldn't help himself. At the same time, I am deeply proud of my own handwriting. All over the world, those who can succeed in the hands of General Chu with empty gloves and white wolves seem to be the Shen family. Yan Nian was also pleased. She took a step and bowed to Chu Bei, saying, "My daughter has orders. If the general agrees, he will order me to return to Shen Jiaxiang as soon as possible." The young lady has other arrangements to make. For example Training of agricultural personnel. Although Shen Yaolin compiled the "Daqi Farming Rules", those who can farm can not read, and those who can read can not farm. She has to teach the knowledge in her book to those who can farm. The girl was busy with these things before she set out for the tobacco year. If the matter of Longxi is confirmed, the girl will have to train more people to do technical guidance in Longxi. It should be done sooner rather than later.