Cai Jingyun 3

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Original Title: Similarities and Differences of Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Fully Hydraulic Down-the-Hole Drills

Cai Jingyun ignored him and carried him through the mountains and forests. Xiao San recognized the way and found that he was walking to the west of the woods. There were no people there, only dense forests and small rivers. What was Cai Jingyun going to do with him?! Small three all the way no matter how angry to say to please say, Cai Jingyun do not even give a look! Small three more think heart more panic, can not help struggling up, but he is no matter the stature or strength, are far than Cai Jingyun, along the way Cai Jingyun has been holding him firmly in his arms. When he saw the river, Cai Jingyun continued to walk straight past. Xiao San's heart suddenly beat faster and she shouted, "Cai Jingyun!"! What are you doing?! I will never give you up to anyone else! If you go on like this, you might as well kill yourself! Rest assured, I will accompany you on the road! The mistress was silly on the spot when she heard this! …… Chapter 36 36 "You're not obedient anyway. Just kill yourself!" …… "Cai Jingyun!"! Master Cai, are you kidding? ~ ~ Calm down, calm down, don't be impulsive ~ Have a good talk ~ Let's have a good talk ~ You see you are young and rich ~ How many brothers are secretly in love with you ~ Why are you so impulsive to die? ~ ~ That , we must be kind to life, be kind to life, life must be cherished ~ ~ in short ~ put me down ~ please ~ wow ~ ~ Xiao San thought she could calm down and think of some good ways to stop Cai Jingyun's nerves,Warehouse storage racks, but she didn't know why she remembered the white characters written all over the stones in those years. This man had a crazy factor since he was a child, and it was not true to say that he was killed. Think of here, the moment is really anxious to cry, holding Cai Jingyun's head a strong shaking. Fortunately, Cai Jingyun has practiced some kungfu over the years, otherwise he really can't hold the mistress. That whole is a'dying struggle ', the strength is much greater than usual,Narrow aisle rack, if this strength is used in farming, their family's cow can retire directly! When Cai Jingyun stepped into the river, Xiao San really wanted to cry out, Cai Jingyun's whole body was cold, his expression was cold, this person was really going to kill himself because he was not as good as his intention. He's been alive and well all these years, and he really didn't want to die! His father is very kind to him! His father is very kind to him! Stone New River is good for him! Even Xiao Si's child is a little cute! And the cucumbers in his field have not been picked, the beans have not been free to dry, he also plans to plant leeks, the ground is dug and waiting for him to plant. Also, he could not swim in his previous life, and he was a landlubber in this life. He would walk around when he saw water half a man's depth. If you are drowned in the water at this moment, warehouse rack manufacturer ,long span shelving, you will really die unjustly ~ When he thought that the angry Cai Jingyun would really throw him into the river, when he almost blurted out that even if he married you, he suddenly found that his buttocks were not touching the river, but warm and hard. Stone "Eh?!" Touching the bottom of his buttocks, he opened his eyes and looked at it. It was indeed a stone, a big stone warmed by the sun in the river. Hum Cai Jingyun put the mistress on the river stone. In summer, the river became wider because of the rain. The stone was originally on the bank, but now most of it was buried in the water. The stone was very big, and the third child sat on it only occupied a small half of the space. And the river is not affected by the sun, it is still a little cool, Xiaosan's feet just touched the water's edge, the cool feeling makes him feel very comfortable. Wash your own feet! Cai Jingyun put the third child down and threw his broken basket on the bank, regardless of the mushrooms and vegetables scattered out, while he bent down to look for something carefully in the grass on the bank. "Uh.." By Cai Jingyun so a frightened, small three is dizzy, Cai Jingyun's words make people tremble, more frightening than falling on the mountain. At that moment, after listening to Cai Jingyun's words, he obediently washed his feet in the river. In fact, except for his feet, his whole body was a little dirty, but now he didn't care about them! Not long after, Cai Jingyun came back and stepped directly on the river and splashed a lot of water. Xiao San looked at the handful of grass in Cai Jingyun's hand, tilted his head and thought for a long time before he remembered that it seemed to be the herb collected by Li Yanlin not long ago. It was a bitter grass growing on the edge of the river bank ditch. What was it used for?! Detumescence or spasmolysis?! When Cai Jingyun came back, he touched a round and flat stone from the river and smashed the grass in his hand on the big stone. Looking at the silly appearance of the mistress, he snorted coldly, "Why don't you wash your feet?!" Xiao San hurriedly continued to wash her feet, and after a while, her white and tender feet shrank to the top of the stone. Cai Jingyun smashed the herbs to a lump of sticky disgusting substance, then held the small three's right foot and carefully smeared the lump of sticky green grass juice on it. The cool feeling came, and the swelling and pain seemed to begin to ease. The small three exhaled! I was looking for herbs for him ~ I really scared him to death ~ Life does not have this tragedy, really good! "Ha ~ I'm scared to death. Fortunately, it's a joke ~ but next time …" "Believe it or not, I'll throw you into the river now!" Cai Jingyun continued to hum coldly, pulling his face as long as he wanted. The mistress quickly covered her mouth with her hand! The man said this kind of words with a serious face, and his tone made people tremble with fear, which made people feel from the bottom of their hearts that he could absolutely do such a crazy thing! "Besides being stupid, he is also very timid!" “……” We adults have a lot, don't haggle with this madman. After washing his feet and smearing herbs, Cai Jingyun continued to pick up the mistress,radio shuttle racking, and of course, he would not forget his broken bamboo basket and mountain goods. Why don't you send me directly to Uncle Wuhua? Why is it so much trouble? The mistress is actually trying to say why it's so scary! Cai Jingyun seemed to be in a bad mood and ignored him. It was only later that the mistress learned that Uncle Wuhua had been taken to the town by his son at that time, and that Dayuan Village was in a state of'lack of medicine '.