Biography of Lao Tzu

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When Luan Bao saw this, he was both angry and afraid.

When Luan Bao saw this, he was both angry and afraid. He was extremely angry with Li Er. His face was blue with anger, his lips were white with anger, his cheeks were spasmodic, and his fierce eyes, which seemed to be torn and bleeding, burst out. He raised his sword and shone at Li Er. The beast howled at him like a mountain: "Li Er!"! I wish I could pick you out with a sword, disembowel you alive and cut you into pieces! Turning to the soldiers besieging the city in the dark, he shouted in a foul voice, "All the officers and men of the besieged city!"! Listen to my orders, and don't listen to this madman's nonsense! Don't listen! Don't listen to his nonsense! If anyone listens, I'll kill him! Kill him! Standing beside him, Luan Xiaobao, who had long wanted to speak but did not dare to speak, saw that his uncle only knew how to howl and repeat, and could not say anything reasonable, so he automatically came over to help and said, "Brothers!"! All the soldiers of the besieged city, brothers! You don't know that the man named Li standing on the head of the city is a madman, and the madman's words can't be listened to. The two countries are at war, no mercy! At this point in the war, he told us to stop fighting and call a truce, which is really crazy! When the two armies confront each other, they will advance when they advance. It is important for the soldiers to go all out. They can't decline any more. They will be exhausted three times. Quickly seize the opportunity and attack me! Luan Bao, who had nothing to say, heard his nephew shout like this, like a sail that could not be stirred up. Suddenly he got a bad wind, and all of a sudden he was full of strength. Then he shouted: "Attack!"! Attack me! There is a lot of gold and silver in this city, there are many beautiful women, listen to my orders, attack into the city,Inflatable water park on lake, property for you to rob, beauty for you to enjoy, attack ah! Attack me-! Urged by their uncle and nephew, some of the bandits began to attack Chengtou again, and the rest of the soldiers began to approach the wall under the pressure of two long swords from two bandit leaders. Bandit leader Luan Bao, listen! I advise you not to go against the law of heaven, to leave yourself a way out, and not to be desperate and willful! At the last critical moment, Li Er's voice was sharper and louder. "I heard people say that the strong beam will not die, and the violence will not come to a good end. The two armies are equally matched, and the merciful one is born.". If you attack without reason, you will not win; if you are at the end of your rope,Jumping castle with slide, you will not win. Can you make any sense when you attack my bitter city for no reason? Now with all your soldiers and all my soldiers and civilians, do you dare to argue with me? In full view of all the people, if you can give me a little reason to attack my bitter city, I am willing to open the gate and let you in, or I will jump down the wall of my own accord and die instead of all the soldiers and civilians, so that you can cut me into pieces. If you can't give me a little reason, I will attack and occupy it by force, which will make heaven angry and people resentful, and destroy you. It's better to put down the butcher's knife and turn back to the shore! Now let me ask you, is it reasonable to attack my bitter city? If it is reasonable, do you dare to argue with me? "Dare!"! Of course I dare! Of course I dare! An army leader, but you little Li Er that is strange! OK! I just want to see how much sense your little Li Er can make! Luan Bao lightly glanced at Li Er in the city, but he didn't take the twenty-seven-year-old young man seriously at all. At this time, the bandit soldiers automatically stopped attacking, and they were surprised that their rude leader was suddenly going to fight with the enemy. Above the city, under the city, inside the city and outside the city, all the soldiers and civilians were quiet. The battle flags of both sides crackled in the cold wind, which set off the silence here. People began to listen to Li Er and Luan Bao with the mood of novelty, excitement, nervousness, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable mechanical bull, horror, right, evil and concern for their own destiny. Liu Chengwei was even more nervous, but he also felt a little surprised: "Is there really any new reason for Luan Bao to attack the city?" All right, Luan Bao, "Li Er said," Since you are willing to argue, just say it. Why did you attack my bitter county? Do you have any reason? " "Why attack your bitter county? Of course it makes sense.". Because you're in my way. That's why I'm attacking. My army passed by you, you should come out to meet, you not only do not open the gate to meet, but block the gate, blocking my way. Get in my way, and I will wage war on you. My war is just, is a righteous war, you oppose the righteous war, is a sin, you are guilty, I will attack, will open the gates, kill you rivers of blood! Luan Bao's theory. Kill my parents, plunder my property, and say we are in the way; start a war, come and invade, and say we are against a just war. Confounding right and wrong, a thief crying "stop thief", and replacing facts with eloquence, this is really the logic of robbers. The bandit leader speaks with the logic of a good man, without words, piecing together words, stuttering and breathing short; the bandit leader speaks with the logic of a robber, full of words, without piecing together, with a long mouth. Since ancient times, the initiators of unjust wars have always described the inhuman fighting as a righteous war, and have always covered up the facts with eloquent arguments that reverse right and wrong. Heaven can not be distorted, people can not be raped, destroy my village, attack my city, burn and loot, do all the bad things, instead of imposing charges on me, can only arouse the greater anger of my soldiers and civilians. The angry army and people are invincible. I will win, and you will lose. It is better to stop fighting and leave. It is the best policy to stop fighting and leave. Li Er refutes. You want me to stop fighting, you want me to be modest, I don't want to stop fighting, I don't want to be modest. I was born to fight, not to be modest. I like to fight, you like to be humble, and now I want you to be humble. I want you to give up the city, the head, the gold and silver, the property, the sky, the earth, everything. I can't give too much. I can accept as much as I want. Luan Bao's theory. That's the law of the jungle. When we talk about concession, we mean mutual modesty and mutual concession, not that those who give in should be the food in the mouth of those who refuse to give in. When we talk about modesty, we do not deny that there is a struggle. When we talk about weakness, we do not deny that there is strength. When we speak about kindness, we don't deny the existence of evil. If there is hardness and softness, we should keep the softness and emphasize the softness; if there is evil and good, we should keep the good and emphasize the good; if there is seizure and concession, we should make concessions and emphasize concession. If you hold on to the strong, the evil, and the capture, you cannot win. We do not want war, if you use our mentality to lose conscience, destroy justice,Inflatable bouncer, and force us to fight for self-defense, we will turn the weak into the strong and fight to the death! "Your evil spirit will make people angry. Heaven and earth will not tolerate it. Evil will be rewarded with evil. When the time comes, your worthless corpse will be buried in the war you started!" Li Er came out to refute.