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Zhuangyuanlou is one of the best restaurants and inns in Tokyo.

Zhuangyuanlou is one of the best restaurants and inns in Tokyo. It produces more than a dozen kinds of wine, such as Jiannanchun and Zhuyeqing, which are quite famous. It is said that one of them is probably chosen as a tribute wine. After all, Zhuangyuanlou is a place where some dignitaries and literati poets often visit and linger. It is very advanced. There are two buildings in Zhuangyuan Building, which are adjacent to each other, one is a restaurant and the other is an inn. Drinking in a restaurant requires a minimum of three taels of silver per table, while staying in an inn requires a minimum of five taels of silver. And Tianzihao Room is the best room in Zhuangyuanlou Inn. It costs thirty taels of silver to stay one night, which is enough for an ordinary family of three to spend ten years. This time, the deceased in Room 3 of Zhuangyuan Building should have some identity. After reporting the case to the police, shopkeeper Liu of Zhuangyuanlou had ordered the bartender to guard the scene of the crime outside and not to receive customers in the lobby. Shopkeeper Liu was waiting outside the inn. Seeing the exhibition guards and others coming, shopkeeper Liu hurried over to greet them, briefly explained the situation, and asked them to come in. This guest officer was checked in yesterday, but he didn't tell me what to call him. He only brought an attendant with a bad temper, but now he has disappeared. After he checked in last night, he called two girls from Wanchunlou to accompany him to drink. Probably before midnight,liquid bottle filling machine, the two girls left and asked the bartender to serve him tea. At that time, he was still alive and well. After that, I closed the door and rested until this morning, when the bartender looked at the three poles of the sun and didn't get up, he wanted to knock on the door and ask if he still needed breakfast. He didn't want to open the door as soon as he pushed it, and he saw him. He hung on the beam. Shopkeeper Liu said as he took Zhanzhao and others to the door of Room 3. At the time of the last sentence,Edible oil filling machine, shopkeeper Liu just arrived at the door and raised his head to see the body, so he was frightened to stutter. The body was hanging on the beam, just in the direction of the doorway, naked, with many obvious strip-shaped red bruises on its body, and in some places the skin was broken and bleeding, which was caused by whipping. Zhao Hanyan also noticed that a key part of the lower body of the body was also whipped, looking at the number of red marks on the skin around it, it should not be less than seven or eight times. Compared with this place, the rest of the body is already "sparse". With such an eye-catching corpse hanging on the beam, it's no wonder that shopkeeper Liu, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,juice filling machine, who has a clever mouth to welcome visitors from all directions, will stutter after seeing it. Thank you, shopkeeper. Zhanzhao thanked him politely and told Zhao Hu to ask the bartender who first found the deceased to see if there were any missing clues. Then he ordered Mahan to put the body down and specifically told them to pay attention not to move the rope buckle, but to cut it off with scissors. Zhao Hanyan also followed to pay attention to the way the body was hanged. One end of the thick rope was tied to the neck of the deceased, and the other end was tied to the red lacquer pillar half a foot away over the beam. As they laid the body, Zhao Hanyan looked around the room. The walls, tables and chairs, and all the furnishings are very neat. The bed was messy, but in view of the fact that the deceased had called the girl of Wanchunlou to "handle affairs" before his death and had to sleep at night, it was normal. There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. After Zhao Hanyan looked around the room again, his eyes finally fell on the bowl of tea on the table that had not been finished. How Zhanzhao asked Zhao Hanyan. Wait for the autopsy results. Zhao Hanyandao. Zhanzhao found that Zhao Hanyan was still staring at the teapot and teacup, and suddenly remembered that shopkeeper Liu had just said that the deceased had ordered tea before resting, "Do you suspect that someone has drugged here?" Zhao Hanyan nodded, "it's time to check." Zhan Zhao promised, immediately ordered people to do it, and then he continued to look at Zhao Hanyan, as if waiting for something. Why are you always staring at me? Zhao Hanyan found something wrong and asked directly. You seem to be different this time from last time. "Zhan Zhao can't figure it out." You made a conclusion after you glanced at it last time. " "The last time I saw the murderer was the second time.". And the killers are different, the modus operandi is different, and the way of judgment is different. The first time you commit a crime, you always need some evidence to assist, otherwise it's a wild guess. Zhao Hanyan explained and looked up at the Dynasty squatting on the beam for inspection. "Big brother of the Dynasty, are the scratches on the beam serious?" Dynasty nodded and touched the rubbed surface, "wearing off a layer of skin." "How long?" Zhao Hanyan asked again. The Dynasty measured it with his finger and estimated, "It's about half a foot long." "Mr. Gongsun is going to accompany Lord Bao today, and the body will not be examined until later." Zhanzhao explained. It doesn't matter. We can check something else first. The identity of the deceased is not yet clear. I guess the two girls from Wanchunlou last night may know and can send someone to interrogate them. There are many whip marks on his body. Ask the guests next door to see if anyone has heard abnormal noises in the middle of the night. Zhao Hanyan suggested. That's what I thought. Zhanzhao agreed and arranged for people to go to Wanchunlou to investigate first. After Zhao Hu got the confession from the bartender, he heard Zhao Hanyan say that he wanted to ask the guest next door, so he knocked on the door on his own initiative. A short and fat man lived in the second room. He complained that he was so unlucky that he went out to live in an inn and someone died next door. Then he said, "I didn't hear anything else last night except a man shouting in the middle of the night." "Shouting, man?" Zhao Hu stared at each other intently. "Is it coming from the next room?"? Didn't you go to see it? "What next door? From the window!" Said the fat man angrily, and then described in detail what the man had shouted. Outside the window. Confused, Zhao Hu looked inquiringly at Zhao Hanyan and Zhan Zhao. Ask room four again. Zhan Zhaodao. Zhao Hu nodded and knocked on the door of room four again. After waiting for a long time, no one answered and knocked again, this time with more force. Knock knock, knock what knock, big morning still let a person sleep! The man's complaint finally came from inside the room, and his tone was very impatient. It's already noon, and in the morning. Zhao Hu shrugged his shoulders at Zhao Hanyan and complained in a low voice,water filling machine, "What kind of people live in this inn?" The door opened at the sound of'Dang ', and a sallow and emaciated face appeared from inside. What's wrong with people like me? The voice is a little higher, very horizontal. gzxilinear.com