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"Zijin Magic Leopard" is a very cautious monster, who was surprised to see the mutation of his dying opponent, and his right paw, which had been quickly drawn to the neck of "Kaitian Axe", paused slightly.

"Zijin Magic Leopard" is a very cautious monster, who was surprised to see the mutation of his dying opponent, and his right paw, which had been quickly drawn to the neck of "Kaitian Axe", paused slightly. "The axe that opens the sky" seizes this opportunity, the giant axe that cold light glitters cuts to the slender neck of "purple gold demon leopard". The heavy giant axe, under the double power of the "axe to open the sky", brought up a sharp sound of breaking the air, which made the "purple and gold magic leopard" greatly surprised, and the light body jumped back, opening the distance between the "axe to open the sky". The huge axe hit the mud hard and stirred up a cloud of dust. At this time, my long-awaited "cold iron arrow" flew to the "purple and gold magic leopard" which was blocked by dust, quietly. About to shoot into the "purple and gold magic leopard" which had just stopped retreating, the other side devilishly slightly deflected his head and let the "cold iron arrow" pass. His action was so light that it seemed that the "purple and gold magic leopard" was just disdainfully deflected. Although I know that this arrow may not be able to hurt the "purple and gold magic leopard", but the other side so easily escaped is very unwilling, my heart filled with a wave of anger. However, after I blocked by an arrow, the "axe to open the sky" and the "word of love" had retreated to the passage in the trap, and was cut off by the "word of love". In the open space in the middle of the trap, the "fish", archers and Taoist priests had begun long-range attacks,plastic packaging tube, further blocking the pace of the "purple and gold magic leopard". At this point, the situation finally stabilized. Soldiers can take turns in front of each other, while archers, Taoist priests and hunters attack from time to time. In addition, the passage is very narrow, and the "Purple and Gold Magic Leopard" can not play its own advantages at all. Even the most powerful skill of "Fen Shen Shu" has no room to play. The "Zijin Magic Leopard", which had been fighting for a long time, finally retreated when "a fish" shot it back with an arrow. It is indeed a "retreat",cosmetic tube packaging, because even if the "purple and gold magic leopard" was hit by an arrow, but the steel arrow was only inserted into the skin one or two inches, the "purple and gold magic leopard" slightly moved the steel arrow fell to the ground, its speed is still not comparable to us, even if it is small white. But this is already very happy. It was doomed to die, but because of my help, most of them were able to escape death and avoid the bad luck of losing experience. If you are killed by a monster at the level of "Purple and Gold Magic Leopard", I'm afraid the experience of dropping is considerable. Therefore, I became their great benefactor, and everyone was grateful to me, which made me very embarrassed. After all, my original plan was to pick up a bargain, but they were so unlucky that I didn't have enough time to arrange the perfect trap, otherwise if I had the chance to trap the "Purple and Gold Magic Leopard", it would be a perfect ending! The first thing to remove the danger, plastic laminated tube ,aluminium laminated tube, of course, is to pick up the "cold iron arrow". Just now, I shot down from the tree, and with the strength of the "Cold Iron Arrow" itself, it sank two meters into the ground, which wasted a lot of my time. Seeing my strange action, "a fish", who was also a hunter, said doubtfully, "Brother Ink, why are you still digging traps? 'Zijin Magic Leopard 'has been injured and retreated. It should not come back, right? "Oh." I don't want others to know that I have such a good baby, "explained," I'm not digging a trap! I want to find my own'alloy arrow ', which is a treasure I made in the blacksmith shop with all kinds of ores! "Alloy arrow" is not very rare, as long as you have the relevant ore, you can hand in to the blacksmith shop to let the blacksmith help you build, in performance than the ordinary steel arrow is better than one or two chips, but the cost of building is slightly higher, so a "alloy arrow" is worth 20 steel arrows, so my move is reasonable. Although I was confused about my "stingy" behavior, they did not ask much about my benefactor, "a fish", so a small crisis (of course for me) was ignored. Picked up the "cold iron arrow", introduced by "a fish" I and "love is a word" they are formally known, also know with "love is a word" and with him the names of three players and related information. All four of them are junior students at Beijing University of Science and Technology, and they are good friends in reality. Love is a word "Now the level is 34, very lucky in a Daguai played a" Jian Qi Zongheng "intermediate internal skill mental method, so early to learn the internal skill mental method of his strength all the way ahead, otherwise simply can not be ranked third.". The only girl in the team, who is also the real girlfriend of "Love is a word", Piaoxue, is a Taoist priest in the water system. "Water Healing" and "Water Mirror" have reached the advanced level, and she is the therapist in the team. As for the fat man, as his name suggests, he is called "Fat and Handsome", which is very funny. He is a monk, and his "True Word" is a master. He can defend ten companions at the same time. Thanks to his "True Word" just now, otherwise more people will die. Correspondingly, the thin thief took a "thin and stylish", the most outstanding skill is theft, its "theft" and "makeup" are advanced, every day will be stuck in the crowd fishing in troubled waters, every day the harvest is not small. "Fat and handsome" and "thin and stylish" are good friends who grew up together. They are as close as brothers, but they worship the "martial arts master" in reality (the vice president of the "Sanda Club" in the school), so they will walk together. I admire the four of them very much. In the dangerous situation just now, the four of them were only seriously injured except Piaoxue who was too seriously injured and died. Most of the dead were the companions of "a fish". It's really a miracle! At the same time, it also shows the strength of the three of them. And "a fish" is "love is a word" high school classmates,cosmetic plastic tube, two people in reality are often in contact, just born in the same city-Pangu City, so there is the above "love is a word" to find "a fish" to help the plot.