Quickly wear a female villain boss, strong flirting (this palace is slightly fat)

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The emperor sent eunuchs one after another, probably sent more than thirty, until a hundred miles away from the capital, Chu song began to camp, of course, did not continue to kill those small eunuchs.

The emperor sent eunuchs one after another, probably sent more than thirty, until a hundred miles away from the capital, Chu song began to camp, of course, did not continue to kill those small eunuchs. Hearing that Chu Ge was stationed a hundred miles away from the capital, only one of the eunuchs he sent out brought back the news. The emperor was so angry that he reached out his hand and pushed all the things on the table to the ground. This woman, this woman is too bold! The Chu family did not put him in the eyes of the emperor at all. Even if the emperor is angry again, the song of Chu is also a kind of innate fear from the bottom of his heart. How to say, although the emperor of the palace has the world, but because he has not experienced too much killing, even if there has been a storm, it is only the court of intrigue, he is in the eyes of the Chu family and sheep almost. But the Chu family is not the same, the Chu family led troops to fight everywhere, licking blood, killing people, and because it is a general, conspiracy is all out of the question. Each of these Chu people is similar to a wolf. No matter how powerful the sheep is,euro plastic pallet, they can't help being afraid of the ferocity of the wolf. Knowing that Chu Song was camped a hundred miles away, Emperor Fengteng breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, when he saw the little eunuch bringing back Chu Song on the pretext of fighting and exhaustion, and the fold he wanted for silver and grain, he was so angry that he threw the fold directly on the ground. The emperor will certainly not give money to Chu song, and then let Chu song domineering ah. He issued an imperial edict to praise Chu Ge for his meritorious service in resisting the Qi army, and he wanted to hold a big banquet for Chu Ge in the palace. Oh,plastic pallet bin, he also sent a lot of people to pick up the song of Chu back to the city, including two courtiers of the Chu family and an imperial censor. He not only brought the imperial edict of rewarding according to merit to the song of Chu. He also asked his close eunuch to bring a private letter he wrote for Chu Song to Chu Song. The letter was nothing more than that Chu Song was very happy to return safely. Of course, it also explains that there was a flood in the south of the Yangtze River, and the grain was transported to the south of the Yangtze River for disaster relief. The treasury was empty, and there was really no extra money to support the Chu army. He is also very sad to ask if there is any good way, he recently worried day and night, all the time thinking if Chu song in his side. Oh, at the end of the letter, the emperor also hoped that Chu Ge could return to Beijing as soon as possible. He had been looking forward to marrying her for many years, and this time he didn't want to wait any longer. This letter is not written by the emperor of a country at all. Just reading this letter, the average person will certainly feel that the person who wrote the letter is absolutely a very infatuated man. Chu Ge read the letter twice. There was no such letter in the host's life. Of course, the host that life, also did not slay the emperor so many eunuchs, mobile garbage bin ,foldable bulk container, not to mention hundreds of thousands of troops. Have to say, the emperor's literary talent is really good, if you focus on writing love letters, maybe in this respect can also become a grandfather. Chu song did not see these courtiers to invite her, she refused to see these people on the grounds that she was wounded by an arrow and was not easy to see the wind and move. But her men received these men. Her men are careless to sharpen the knife, very impatient to ask the court when the silver can arrive, now there is no hay in the army, everyone is gnawing bark, all the way the bark has been gnawed, if you don't send silver, we can only gnaw. When did these courtiers face to face with such rude and murderous men. They were petrified by the ferocious words of these people, one by one really surprised and angry, trembling out of the Chu army stationed. Heard the news brought back by the courtiers. Emperor Feng Teng was silent for a moment. Civil and military officials in Mancheng were filled with righteous indignation, accusing Chu of heresy, vulgarity, and having no respect for the emperor. Emperor Feng Teng listened to these voices, but in his mind he was recalling the letter that Chu Ge had sent back to him. This woman, she wrote on the letter: Your Majesty, I am pregnant, is your child, but when fighting with Qi, I was wounded by an arrow. The military doctor said that if I saved this child, it might be difficult to give birth in the future, and it might be a corpse with two lives. But this child belongs to me and Your Majesty. Your Majesty, what should I do? I don't want to abort this child. Emperor Feng Teng's first reaction when he saw the letter was that it was great. That's great. He wants her to die. But immediately he suspected, Chu song is not lying to him? Do you want to confuse him with the baby in your belly. After hesitating for a day, Emperor Feng Teng once again asked his close entourage to bring a letter to Chu Ge, and, of course, two imperial doctors he trusted in the court. The news brought back by the two imperial doctors was the same as that written in Chu Ge's letter. Children are difficult to keep, even if they are barely kept, they will be at risk when they grow up in the future. Emperor Feng Teng asked these doctors about the injury of Chu Ge. The two doctors thought carefully and said, "Although the general was injured, the wound was handled by the military doctor. We can't check it." They are the pulse is also separated by the screen with the gold pulse, by the way, when asked about the general's physical condition, observed the general's face. The general is really pregnant. When the news was confirmed, Emperor Fengteng did not know whether he was happy or sad for a moment. He sent some rare food and fruit in the palace to Chu song, and sent people to greet Chu song every day. No matter how busy and anxious he was, he would write a letter to Chu song. The emperor was so attentive that Chu Song was really touched. She said to the eunuch who came to ask her about her health on behalf of the emperor every day, "All the people in our army have been cut off for many days. All the generals under my command are encouraging me to go to the capital to grab some money for everyone so that we can break up. Please ask Your Majesty if you have a good plan. Although I am a general, I am constrained by these people everywhere. It's like being roasted on the fire by these people. It's really hard to die." The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. Chapter 138 Chu Song, I marry you. Everyone in QuFeng city narrowly escaped death,plastic pallet supplier, now all the way to eat and drink and was sent enough pay, one by one are very happy, also more determined to follow general Chu have the idea of meat. Feng Teng's emperor did not think of sending someone to stop or kill the Chu family army. cnplasticpallet.com