Dahan Yanhua (Revised Version)

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Zhang Yan bowed her head and laughed at herself. Should have seen this coming. When two former close friends go their separate ways because of their different positions, and walk alone for three years after their separation, how can there be no gap as before?

Zhang Yan bowed her head and laughed at herself. Should have seen this coming. When two former close friends go their separate ways because of their different positions, and walk alone for three years after their separation, how can there be no gap as before? A round of golden birds gradually fell to the west of the vast fields in the north, and the sky was filled with a kind of indifferent twilight. At this time, it is always easy for people to feel sad about parting and miss their loved ones in the distance. Liu Ying. Zhang Yan hesitated, unwilling to think of the name, but often inadvertently read him. On that day, when he woke up from his lethargy and found that he was no longer with him, he should be mad, right? He may be impulsive, may blame himself, but those who accompany him will eventually persuade him. After all, he is not the kind of lover who wants beauty but not rivers and mountains. The things that were done for him that day were very tragic at that time, but now in retrospect, they also feel ordinary. I just want you to be safe. You have to be safe in Chang'an, in our Weiyang Palace, and wait for me to come back. With a clang, Tana brought the warm soup into the tent and stacked the copper basin stiffly on the table. The cold wind from the uncovered door curtain made Zhang Yan squint her eyes and ordered, "Tana, go and put the curtain away." Tana snorted and said with his arms akimbo, "Han boy, who do you think you are that you can order me around?"? Zhang Yan sat up from the Kang and looked at the maid with a cold arc on her lips. "Guess," her voice was light and cold. "If I tell you this, will she defend you?" Tana was stunned. In front of clearly just a look at the inconspicuous Han family youth, but in the straight back,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, reveal a kind of let a person dare not disobey the momentum, as if the dignity is not inferior to Atiyi. Line Yan glanced at her, then looked away and said lightly, "No matter who I am, you are just a slave." Tana was caught by her momentum and could not speak for a moment. Only then did he vaguely realize that if the Han boy was really a man who was nothing, how could he have specifically pointed to a tent to place him and ordered himself to serve him? Since then, no longer dare to be presumptuous, serving tea and pouring water and other things that should be done are also done with all one's heart. In the dim light of night, looking at Tana,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, who had turned over to sleep on the low Kang in the corner of the tent, Zhang Yan sighed softly. Artie left Tana to himself, not only for the sake of taking care of him, but also for the sake of monitoring his every move. In fact, Artie really doesn't have to worry so much. She is just a woman, no power, now in the Huns camp, as long as just a strong Huns maid, you can easily watch yourself. In the quiet darkness of the night, Tana suddenly heard a slight hum. Zhang Yan only felt all over the hair stand up, tight body, looking at the tent do not know when a shadow appeared, in the dark slowly toward their own. It's me The voice has a familiarity that comes from memory. Zhang Yan did not dare to light a candle in the enemy camp. In the dim light of night, she recognized him for a while. He was dressed in black and walking with a sword in his arms. It was Meng Guan who had accompanied her to live in the north for more than half a year. Suddenly, the ecstasy drowned Zhang Yan, voice trembling slightly, listening to the heartbeat in his chest thump thump, after a while to calm down, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but also with a trace of disbelief hesitation, "here is the Huns Zhongjun big account, you can come in?" Meng Guanxiao proudly said, "I'm a close disciple of Daxia Zhu's family. It's impossible to save you by riding a sword alone. But if you just hide your tracks in the army, it's just a simple task." Light a few words, although understatement, but Zhang Yan can understand Meng Guan to pay the effort, from the city in the clouds after the rescue, all the way with the floor trouble king army, to sneak into the Xiongnu barracks, to avoid the patrol soldiers line of sight, find her whereabouts, never as simple as Meng Guan said. She lowered her head slightly, because the kindness was too great, but she did not want to say thanks easily. She only asked, "Is it convenient for you to hide in this camp?" No problem. "Meng Guan heroic spirit should be, hear the string song and know the elegant meaning, know Zhang Yan is to let oneself hide traces, protect in her side.". The moonlight came through the ventilation hole above the tent and shone on Zhang Yan's face, showing a shallow smile, "Meng Guan, thank you." He turned his head away uncomfortably in such a beautiful smile and said in a foul voice, "The year we agreed on has not expired yet.". When the first month of next year is over, I don't care if you die in front of me. Zhang Yan couldn't help bending her lips and laughing. "Well, for the next four months, please." In August of the seventh year of the yuan Dynasty, Xinmao (24th), after the initial passive beating and the later stalemate, the Han army finally began its own counterattack. Li Shang, the Marquis of Quzhou, led thirty thousand officers to fight against the Aries King of the Xiongnu. He was defeated and retreated to the Han territory. The Aries King Heze was proud and arrogant, and led the army to catch up with him. He was led into the Shandong Valley where Guanying had previously set up an ambush. Valley terrain is narrow, the Huns advantage on the horse is limited, and was outflanked by the Han army, after a day and a night of killing, the Han army killed and wounded more than twenty percent, but the Aries king also left ten thousand cavalry, fled in confusion. Herzer, that fool. Xiongnu big tent, canal plover furious, "arrogant, think they are invincible?"? You can't see through such an obvious ambush. You deserve to be defeated. "Zuo Gu Li Wang," Xiao Wang gently reminded, "Aries King is, after all, the Lord of a.." "I know." The canal plover held his breath. In fact, Wang Ye, "said his subordinates," by this time, we might as well withdraw. " "This time the Huns while the big fellow unprepared, is a big advantage, but by this time, the Huns in the flow has been slowly exhausted.". The defeat of Aries King, of course, has his own reasons for pride and arrogance,Prison toilet for sale, but also because of the rise of the Han people. If you continue to waste time in the Han Dynasty, you will be the king of Zuogu Li. I'm afraid you won't get anything good in the end. The plover waved his hand. "I'll think about it. You go down." He asked the maid who was guarding the king's tent, "Is he inside?" 。 cnkexin.com