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She and Chonglou were abandoned in the cold divine world. The proud goddess finally could not suppress her regret and pain.

She and Chonglou were abandoned in the cold divine world. The proud goddess finally could not suppress her regret and pain. She fell on the ground and shed tears heartily. Chonglou looked up at the sky of the divine world. It was light red, and since his boundary opened in the divine world, the sky in the divine world had changed from pale to light red, which was like the peach blossom rain in Shushan. In the boundary that Qing Ming made for Xiao Se, there was a young girl who loved him almost wantonly. He closed his eyes. It's time to make sure that no matter what happens to Long Dai, he must get the result. At this time, the gods gathered because of the commotion created by Chonglou just now, and when they saw the huge cracks in the ground and the discomfited Bingyan, they looked at each other, and no one dared to question him. Chonglou walked out without looking back, and when he passed the gods, he ordered lightly as if he were talking about the weather, "Why don't you clean up here?" The gods were so busy that no one noticed that he was walking towards the gate of the divine world. Stop. Didn't you say you were just walking in the garden? Fortunately, there is a person to pay attention to Chonglou. Bing Yan strode after him. You can't leave the divine world, reincarnation. Chonglou had opened the door of the divine world and turned around with a sarcastic smile. If you have the strength to stop me, you might as well watch the reincarnation with other wastes. Why should I guard your Bai Ze? She hurriedly waved the white light to close the door, but the red light of Chonglou bounced her strength violently,stainless steel squatting pan, and she could only watch him leave. Damn Bing Yan wants to go after her, but she has to stop because she is concerned about Bai Ze. Chonglou is right, she can never defeat him, rather than waste energy to find him, it is better to try to protect the reincarnation, if there is a big mutation, it is not too late to inform him. Anyway,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, she did not believe that he would really abandon Bai Ze. Looking at the closed door of the divine world, her face, which had been in pain, suddenly took on resentment. It's no use. You can't find Long Dai. No one can be happy. Her happiness had been shattered, and how could Long Dai, who had taken away her happiness, be happy. * * * Exclusive production of novel bar * * * love.xs8.cn * * If Long Dai still exists, then the place where she first arrived is the ghost world. Chonglou was sitting in the main hall of the ghost world, and all the ghosts in the ghost world, including the ghost king, were kneeling in front of him, but his face showed extreme dissatisfaction. Have you ever seen a woman like that? "Yes, Manual Flush Valve ,Service Sink Faucets, Demon." No, no.. Lord of Heaven, the sword spirit you mentioned has never been to the ghost world. He leaned back in his chair wearily. I should have known that although he had never left the divine world for five hundred years, he had always sent people to look for him in the six realms, and so far no news has come. A few days ago he found the reincarnation of Bai Ze, the reincarnation of his temperament changed, simply can not find the shadow of the previous life. But he knew that such Bai Ze was very happy, but it also meant that he could not find the news of Long Dai on Bai Ze. Could she have been reincarnated? Chonglou frowned and continued to ask the ghost king. He is really not willing to give up so, he even left the reincarnation for that damn sword spirit, personally to find her, how can she disappear like this. The ghost king hesitated for a moment, then replied again, "Lord Huitian, if someone is reincarnated, her name will be recorded in the book of life and death." "So she wasn't reincarnated at all." He clenched his fists and jerked to his feet. It's up to her. Since she disappeared like this, I don't need to waste my energy. This stupid woman, the biggest liar, she said she would accompany him forever! If you can't do something, why should you make a promise? It's better to die now. He doesn't want such a liar to accompany him. But why is every step so heavy? It was not until he saw Chonglou disappear in the sky of the ghost world that the little devil beside the ghost king came forward and asked timidly, "Will we be killed if we hide it from the Emperor of Heaven like this?" The ghost king sighed. If we don't hide it from him, we will die at the hands of the goddess. If you offend anyone, you will die. It is better not to offend anyone. ” "But.." But the sword spirit is dying. "Idiot, we don't know anything. Of course, we don't know if the sword spirit has hung up. Anyone who asks in the future says he doesn't know!" The ghosts nodded. That's right, don't know, we don't know anything! Chapter 9 The river was flowing in silence, and Long Dai's eyes looked at the sky curiously. Just now there seemed to be a flash of red light, illuminating the river, so beautiful! She lowered her head and continued to write in the dirt. Long Dai waits for Paris polyphylla, Long Dai waits for Paris polyphylla.. Her strength is getting smaller and smaller, and the words on the soil are getting shallower and shallower. The persistent heart never knows that they have no fate in the six realms, and waiting is just a disguised form of torture. Paris polyphylla.. The hand is still busy writing. Paris polyphylla.. The dead who passed by in a hurry looked at her curiously and hurried past again. Feelings without fate are doomed to be the result of tragedy at the beginning. "Ah!" An exclamation suddenly came from behind her. You You Long Dai looked back curiously. A shadowy ghost stood behind her. The ghost seemed to step back in shock and pointed at her. No, are you still here? She stared blankly at the shadowy figure. Who are you The ghost thought for a moment and then sat down. Do you still remember the divination you drew here? I am the warlock. Long Dai shook his head blankly. The ghost touched his chin helplessly. Alas! My family's ancestral divination for more than ten generations, the only sign without divination is you two, so no matter how many times I have been reincarnated, I remember you. By the way, what was the identity of the man beside you at that time? Later, in order to avenge his shame, he had helped countless ghosts and gods to tell fortunes,Concealed Flush Valve, but all the divination had divinatory symbols, only the unfathomable man, whose divination with her was blank. She lowered her head even more blankly and continued to write the words "Long Dai and so on.". cnkexin.com