Sword God Sword God

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"Some daughters are willing and even dare to express their affection to the person she likes, while others let the person she likes experience and feel from her speech, behavior, eyes, and even a smile.

"Some daughters are willing and even dare to express their affection to the person she likes, while others let the person she likes experience and feel from her speech, behavior, eyes, and even a smile. Speaking of my temperament, I am close to Miss Huang, while Miss Xiao belongs to the latter type." "Miss Huang and I can sometimes take advantage of this type of daughter's family, because some people like this type of daughter's family, but sometimes they will suffer a lot, because some people do not like this type of girl's family.". Can you tell me what kind of daughter's house you like? How does Chu Yunqiu answer this? Chu Yunqiu is feeling hard to answer here. Suddenly heard a cry on the shore, far away came over: "ladle red, ladle red..." Obviously, this is called Fu Piaohong. Fu Piaohong was stunned! Then she stood up and asked in astonishment, "Who is this?" The speed of the man was very fast, and the cry just now sounded quite far away, but now he heard the cry again within ten women, and it was quite urgent. Chu Yunqiu had heard at the right time that there was not only one person coming, but there were still people behind him, as many as five or six people, and he had already entered the ten women. "I'll go out and have a look," said Chu. Turning to the layman, Fu Piaohong hurried out with him. As soon as the two men reached the outside of the cabin, a nimble figure reached the shore, followed by five or six dark shadows,aluminium coated steel tube, as fast as lightning. The figure who had reached the shore called out, "Sister Ladle Red, help me.." In the cry, he jumped up and went straight to the boat. When Fu Piaohong heard this, he blurted out, "Mr. Liu." As soon as the sound of "Liu Gongzi" came out, the figure rushed to the day boat and turned around and rushed into the cabin. Chu Yunqiu heard "Piaohong Sister", and then heard Fu Piaohong call "Liu Gongzi", naturally knowing that the bearer was a friend rather than an enemy,side impact beams, and that the relationship with the heirloom was not shallow. "Stop right there!" He shouted in a loud voice, his tongue bursting with spring thunder. The body of the six shadows suddenly shook, and they stopped in the rest of Zhang, while the six men in black held their swords in their hands. Chu Yun-chiu was in a daze and said, "So it's you." When the six men in black heard this, they were all stunned. The man in black at the front, with two sharp eyes, came over and said coldly, "You know us, so.." "Of course I know you," said Chu Yun-chiu. "Which name would you like me to call you, the Incomplete Gate or the Hundred Flowers City?" Fu Piaohong blurted out, "So they are.." "Listen to the tone of your voice," said the man in black at the front. "It seems that you and the people of this school have already met." Chu Yun-chiu said, "I've been more than just facing you at the Incomplete Gate. I've been dealing with you at the Incomplete Gate ever since the Hundred Flowers City." In front of a man in black sneer: "What a big tone, you are..." "Have you heard of Jiangshan?" Asked Chu Yun-chiu. The face of the man in black in front suddenly changed. "So you are Jiangshan," he said with a sharp smile! OK! OK! Tonight is for you, cold drawn tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, we let go of that boy, but miss tonight, don't let him be alone. He raised his hand and turned to go. "Stop!" Chu Yun-chiu shouted coldly. The six men in black had already turned around, but when they heard this, they turned back. The man in black in front gave him a cold look and said, "What else do you want?" "Where is your master now?" Asked Chu Yun-chiu. "Why do you ask?" Asked the man in black. "Tell me," said Chu Yun-chiu, as if he had not heard, "where is your master now?" "I don't know," said the man in black. Turn around and go again. "Stop!" Said Chu Yun-chiu in a deep voice. The man in black suddenly turned around and said coldly, "Jiang, I tell you that we are under orders to tolerate you, not because we are afraid of you." Chu Yunqiu stepped up and collapsed. He took a step on the boat, but when he landed, he was already in front of the man in black. The man in black was startled, and a big sword flower attacked Chu Yunqiu's chest and abdomen. Chu Yun-chiu gave a sneer and said, "You can fight with me, too." One hand clapped out. His palm came out as fast as lightning, one palm hit the body of the sword, and the long sword slanted away. The man in black was taken aback and was about to retreat. Chu Yunqiu which let him back, the body move at will, slightly stride, and then reach out, the steel Jun five fingers have fallen on the left shoulder of the man in black, a slight effort, the man in black in a muffled hum to the body. The faces of the other five men in black changed greatly and they were ready to move. Chu Yun-chiu turned a blind eye and said coldly, "Tell me, where is your master now?" "Shoulder well" in the hands of Chu Yunqiu, the man in black what temper, although the right palm sword is still in hand, he did not dare to move, also can not move. "I don't know, I really don't know," he said. Two long swords, one main and one right, stabbed Chu Yunqiu, one took Chu Yunqiu's left shoulder and one took Chu Yunqiu's right flank. Chu Yunqiu smiled coldly, her left wrist turned over, the small jade knife had been grasped in the left palm, waved out, at the same time the right palm grabbed the man in black to the right. This area scared back the long sword on the right, and in the same moment, the small jade sword in his left palm touched the long sword on the left. With a sound, the long sword was broken into two parts, and the broken one flew up obliquely. The man in black on the left held the broken sword and staggered back. This shocked five men in black, and none of them dared to move again. Chu Yun-chiu's eyes fell again on the face of the man in black in front of him. "You must have contact with him," he said. With a bitter face, the man in black said, "I have my own messenger to contact, and the messenger told us to tolerate you, so I didn't contact you again." "Then why does he want you to put up with me?" Asked Chu Yun-chiu. Still grimacing, the man in black said, "That's what the messenger told us. He didn't give us a reason, and we didn't dare to ask." Chu Yunqiu smiled coldly and said,side impact door beams, "That's a strange thing. He once wanted to kill me, but now he wants you to tolerate me. There are not many people in the world who can tolerate the great enemy of life and death. It seems that your master's measure is not small." He loosened the five fingers clasped on the left "shoulder well" point of the man in black and said, "Remember! Just this once. Don't let it happen to me again. 。 cbiesautomotive.com