Almighty Master

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Everyone fixed their eyes on it, but their hearts were cold. The man who had taken seven or eight steps backwards turned out to be overbearing Li.

Everyone fixed their eyes on it, but their hearts were cold. The man who had taken seven or eight steps backwards turned out to be overbearing Li. I saw his body trembling, the corners of his mouth with a trace of blood, some can not believe: "Lao Tzu..." You lost? Red hair is only slightly panting, obviously the combat effectiveness is very well preserved, he proudly said: "In such a small place, you can fight with me for so long, you really deserve to be proud!" "You take yourself too seriously, and you really don't deserve to say that!" Li Zicheng shook his head gently. Who Red hair suddenly shouted, looking at it with some displeasure. He saw a comely young man staring at himself quietly in front of him. You are a little person's state of mind. Red hair frowned. Human state of mind, do you think the peak of your human state of mind is great? Li Zicheng said lightly, "it's too simple to clean you up." "Oh?"? Get rid of me? What a big breath! Red hair sneers, then anger rises, the red hair on the head seems to burn up, more ferocious. Li Zicheng suddenly sneered, "You are just the peak of a person's mood. If I want to clean you up, I will clean you up. Even if you five add up, I can clean up if I want to!" "You want to die!" As soon as the red hair facial expression changes,side impact beams, in the eye kills the machine big Sheng, "I will break your four limbs, after lets you roll in the rooftop, tells you, what is called outside the person, outside the sky has the day!" "Oh?"? Is it?! Li Zicheng said lightly, and then a terrible flame burned behind him,side impact door beams, and countless vines spread under his feet. Wood and fire twins! The vines rolled away toward the red hair, and the flames spurted away toward the red hair. Swish! The vine directly wrapped around the feet of the red hair, the flame also sprayed on the red hair's body, if not the red hair himself is also a fire department, this time, either dead or injured. But Red can't resist for long. After he broke away from the vines at his feet, he suddenly jumped back countless steps, looking at the scene in front of him with some incredible. Everyone gaped at Li Zicheng. It was very different from the figure they remembered. How could he crush himself? How could he be a twin of wood and fire? How is that possible? Red hair thought in his heart, and his body retreated faster, but Li Zicheng sneered and said, "Don't you think it's a little late to go now?" He took a sharp breath, his stomach bulging slightly, and then opened his mouth to spit. A horrible fire dragon flew out, stainless steel tube 304 ,Precision steel tubes, swept across the entire roof, leaped ten meters away, and hit the back of the red hair with a bang. Red hair seemed to be hit by a flame bomb, his eyes were black, and his body involuntarily hit him in front of him, hitting the wall and falling unconscious. This is your Mahler Gobi, chirping Nima Gobi! Li overbearing did not know where to get a steel stick, looking at the red hair has lost combat effectiveness. He beat the men half to death and threw them all off the roof. Overbearing brother, you are still so impulsive. Li Zicheng gave a wry smile. Li Badao played a stick flower, then threw the steel stick into his own space, "What impulse is not impulse, these wastes should be beaten, wasting Lao Tzu's time to talk about business." As if he hadn't been beaten just now. According to what I already know, it should be the five of us who are reborn, right? Zhang Zihong asked, looking around at the other four. It should be right! Huo Yu nodded. There are still a few people in the class who haven't come yet. Bai Yu, Bai Zilan, Wang Yueyi, Ao Xiaoxiao and Li Bubai are all transfer students like you. Li Zicheng shook his head and said that with Zhang Zihong's words, Li Zicheng also verified the guess just now. All this aside, that is to say, the five of us have gone back to four years ago, but. Zhang Zihong shook his head. But what? Huo Yu asked. You forgot one thing! "Don't keep me in suspense and say it quickly." Zhang Zihong paused and said, "What if this so-called rebirth is a dream?" Zhang Zihong's words immediately woke up the other four people. They suddenly remembered a long time ago, remembered the dream stone in the hands of the big devil, which could let people enter the dream that could not be perceived as reality or illusion. So what do we do? Li Zicheng frowned thoughtfully. If the world is a dream, then there will always be places different from reality, there will certainly be imperfections, dreams are dreams, there will always be a day to wake up. Zhang Zihong said. Zhang Zihong's words directly woke up Li Zicheng. I want I have found a different place. Li Zicheng sighed. Tell me! Zhang Zihong said. Li Zicheng shook his head: "That is, you are also reborn." Zhang Zihong was stunned in surprise. Then the whole world began to fall apart. In fact, from the very beginning, Li Zicheng found something wrong, such as his sitting position in the classroom is different, and his deskmate has changed. Then he saw Ye Shen in the classroom, according to the first recollection, Ye Shen should not have appeared in the classroom, and then the big devil's reward, Gobang became the so-called big red flower. The other four who were reborn. And the sudden appearance of red hair. And the overbearing Li who can't beat the red hair. Li overbearing can't beat a person's mood? It makes people feel a little incredible to say it. The world reveals the word "weird". Li Zicheng also understands, this actually cannot blame others, this is all because of own reason, actually,beam impact tubes, this world should be a kind of fear in own heart. I have been emphasizing the so-called distance from the big devil and how long, in fact, I am afraid.