The heroine is a group pet [wear quickly]

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Little Moon proudly straightened her back. "Little Moon is as smart as my aunt. Little Moon is teaching Xixi Mandarin.

Little Moon proudly straightened her back. "Little Moon is as smart as my aunt. Little Moon is teaching Xixi Mandarin. When Xixi can speak Mandarin, she can be a radio teacher in kindergarten.". Cici's voice is like a little sheep. Little Moon likes it. Yang Yang and the monitor also like it. My aunt joked, "Yes, the little moon has arranged Xixi properly." The little moon raised her head like a proud cygnet. An hour later, Little Moon's parents came to the old house after work to pick up Little Moon. As soon as Little Moon got home, instead of watching cartoons and playing games with her parents as usual, she took out a small reading book and asked her father to read it in standard Mandarin. The little moon's father and mother looked at the little moon in surprise, only to feel that they had not seen each other for a day, and that their charming little princess was like a new person. Little Moon's father took the initiative to ask his daughter why. The little moon, with excited stars in her eyes and a sad expression on her face, said in a helpless tone, "The little moon is not yesterday's little moon, yesterday's little moon is a student,precision welded tubes, today's little moon is a teacher, need to prepare lessons in advance, in order to live up to the trust of students.". The responsibility is great. Little Moon's father and mother can't help laughing. Little Moon's parents were too busy to eat during the day, and it was not until the evening that they saw the monitoring of the kindergarten during the day that they knew one or two things that their little moon and toffee Wowo teachers had to say. The couple were laughing like an old duck in the middle of the night. The next day, instead of just bodyguards and drivers,beam impact tubes, parents followed, and even three or four parents drove three cars to send a child. The gate of Baihua Kindergarten is full of people, all of whom are qualified, quiet and without noise. Yao Xixi came to the gate according to yesterday's time and picked up the children one by one. Every parent who came to send their children in patted the toffee nest teacher on the shoulder with pity and modestly said that their children were spoiled by their families with a big temper and some stubbornness, but their hearts were good, so let her bear more. Yao Xixi was confused and nodded blankly. Parents love this silly little teacher even more, and they don't even know that they have been bullied by their own children. After Yao Xixi perfectly recited the thirty phonetic symbols and ten German sentences assigned yesterday, the learning task assigned to her by the monitor of the first class was three points heavier than yesterday. Yao Xixi took out three years of hard work in high school. She tried to get the little dumpling who taught Yao Xixi Italy to take her to the classroom where she learned ballet. Whether it is the warm-up time or the rest time of the ballet, Xiao Tangyuan dutifully corrects Yao Xixi's pronunciation. When dancing with the dance teacher, Precision Welded pipes ,impact beam tubes, the little dumpling let the toffee Wowo teacher sit on the cushion in the corner of the dance studio. She could see at a glance whether the toffee Wowo teacher was studying hard. Yao Xixi took the recording pen provided to her by the security officer, played 15 Italian sentences recorded in a loop, and read them repeatedly. One side is the beautiful music of Swan Lake, and the other side is the strange tone of Italian. Like a mime, a conflict, a contradiction. The headmaster's wife looked at the little girl sitting in the corner quietly for a moment and left with a smile. No wonder the little girl is so likable and simple to see through at a glance. Too simple, the whole body is braving a sense of foolishness that is not touched by the secular world and makes people feel extra uneasy. fortune favors fools Little girls will also be rare for the old guys in the kindergarten. Of all the languages, Yao Xixi's Mandarin is the fastest to learn. Little Moon is very strict with her, according to the standard of the anchor of the news channel with the largest audience. Yao Xixi has been focusing on learning and caring for the younger generation since childhood, with few opportunities to communicate with the outside world, and in the layers of protection of the village elders and cousins. Excluding her professional knowledge of getting the first place every year, compared with her peers, she is really ignorant, and she does not know that Little Moon's requirements for her are the highest level of anchor. She thought nothing but simply listened to the words of the little moon to correct her pronunciation and speed of speech. Little Moon Grandma came to the kindergarten to pick up Little Moon and brought some light Bean Paste Cake to Little Moon's toffee nest teacher. Yao Xixi carried her to the car at the request of the little moon and promised her to make honey doughnuts for her tomorrow. The uncle who was in charge of driving turned his head and looked at the little moon in a funny way. "Didn't you say that you had grown up and didn't need to be carried in the car?" "My uncle doesn't understand." Little Moon said in a heavy tone, "Cici has twelve teachers, and Little Moon is just one of them.". The little moon wants to take advantage of every opportunity to compete for favor. When the little moon finished, he looked at his uncle on the left and on the right, which made his heart tremble. The little moon carefully studied his uncle's appearance and sighed with disappointment. Grandma lovingly massaged her legs. "What's wrong with the little moon?" The little moon is melancholy. "The little moon wants to introduce the little uncle to Xixi, but the little uncle is ugly and Xixi suffers too much." Little uncle is angry laugh, "how am I ugly!"! I'm a big star anyway. "Mom says you rely on strength." My uncle doesn't know whether to be proud or angry. "I am a star with strength and beauty." The little moon waved her hand perfunctorily, "OK, OK, whatever my uncle said is right." The little uncle said, "Oh," and wanted to wait until he drove to the old house to settle accounts with her. Little Moon continued the topic just now, "Little Tangyuan wants Xixi to be the second aunt." "Mom said that Uncle Tangyuan was tougher than Uncle Tangyuan and more capable than Dad." The little moon regrets, "the little moon can't win the small dumplings, and Xixi can't be our family." Grandma smiled and touched the soft hair of the little moon. The older generation did not intervene in the affairs of Uncle Tangyuan, and others did not dare to introduce a partner to Uncle Tangyuan. As a result, a four-and-a-half-year-old child missed him. As soon as the little uncle heard that his niece had compared him with the uncle of the little dumpling, his anger disappeared completely and he felt comfortable all over. Little Tangyuan's second uncle is really a cow. He is far inferior. It's an honor to be able to compare with such a cow. Grandma teaches little moon some basic skills of the anchor,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, Xixi learns very quickly, pronunciation has no problem, little moon needs to learn more other things to teach Xixi. Grandma listened heartily.