A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandoned Concubine

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What we have in our hands? What does Li Shaozhu mean? As long as Li Moyuan doesn't ask for an exorbitant price, he can consider it.

What we have in our hands? What does Li Shaozhu mean? As long as Li Moyuan doesn't ask for an exorbitant price, he can consider it. After all, some things can be replaced, but some things can not be replaced. Like this gold dress. Xue Tianao can make a small step back, and that's all. "Taixu Shenjia and Liu Yunteng, these things belong to the human world." Li Moyuan suppressed the joy in his heart and reported what he wanted. Li Mo is far away. Are you kidding? A gold dress, you want two artifacts in your mouth. With a sneer, Xuetian Ao took a sharp look at the Lord of Zhaohua and made his legs tremble. He knew, he knew, it was trouble! Zhaohua Chengzhu extremely hope that time can go back, he will never be on the spur of the moment, like showing off this gold clothes to Li Moyuan look. "Xue Tianao, the value of gold clothes can't be measured by money for you." Li Moyuan is very sure about this, otherwise he won't, and he can't wait to take it out in Yunzhongcheng. Indeed, for me, the value of gold can not be measured by money, so it can not be traded. Li Moyuan. Didn't you just say to return it to its original owner? In fact, I have always believed that whoever has this thing is the owner. After the words, Snow Sky Ao rose in the air, breaking the sky gun fell from the sky, straight to Li Moyuan's face. Negotiations broke down,Iron Nail Making Machine, and he was not interested in continuing with Li Moyuan. Gold clothes in the hands of Li Moyuan, stay a moment more, he is more disgusted with Li Moyuan. What about the city in the cloud? So what if you don't plan ahead? He Xue Tianao doesn't mind fighting, there is no cold-blooded battle. The worst plan is that they will be hunted by the people of Yunzhongcheng and the human world. Sudden change, let Li Moyuan face a change, hurriedly back, tree defense: "Snow day pride, what do you mean..." Damn,Nail machine manufacturer, the rule of Yunzhongcheng is that fighting is not allowed in the five realms of Yunzhongcheng, and the contradiction of the five realms will be fought again out of Yunzhong City. It means what you see. Li Moyuan, I always don't want to do it in Yunzhongcheng, but you just want me to do it. You know this is my mother's gold clothes, that should understand, who can bring the gold clothes. "Xue Tianao, did you say that your father died in Yunzhongcheng?" Li Moyuan is not a stupid person, the snow day is proud, he understood. But he did not think that the people of Zhongzhou, in addition to them, there are people who can come to the flood and famine, to the five realms. "That's right." Snow day Ao does not hide his anger, a face of murderous look to Zhaohua Lord, that cold look, like looking at the dead. Li Moyuan found a fair and aboveboard reason for him to destroy the city in the clouds. God, nail manufacturing machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, God King, misunderstanding, misunderstanding. Lord of Zhaohua City sweated profusely. It is reasonable to say that under the effect of all kinds of elixirs, he also has the strength of the gods, but in the face of the murderous look of Snow Day, I do not know why, he did not even have the courage to make a move. Misunderstanding? It doesn't matter. Since it's a misunderstanding, it's always a misunderstanding. The revenge of killing your father is implacable. Lord Zhaohua, let's settle this account now. After putting down this sentence on behalf of the opposite words, Ling Zichu, Jun Wuliang and Qing are also impolite at the moment, three people quickly joined the war. Ling Zichu jumped to Xuetian Ao's side, just for Xuetian Ao took Li Moyuan's move: "Tianao God King, this person to me, this cloud city master there are many.." He wanted a bloody leaf flying out of his hands to escape the shame. Xue Tianao knew that he was no match for Li Moyuan, nodded, and turned around to shoot the Lord of Zhaohua, who was ready to snatch the golden clothes. Lord Zhaohua, although I have said that this thing belongs to whoever has it, please remember that no one can touch it except me. The priceless golden clothes were stuffed into Xuetian Ao's arms. For him, the important thing is not the value, but the three words "snow" on it. "Snow day proud, don't think you are the God king of the temple of light, you can do whatever you want, I cloud city things also turn to you to decide, want to avenge the killing of his father?"? Okay Today you take the initiative to attack me in the city of clouds. If you die here, the people of the Temple of Light can't do anything to me. The Lord of Zhaohua is angry. Look at Xue Tianao like this, it is obvious that he wants to use this as an excuse to be alone in the city of clouds. Hum Ignorant child. For millions of years, the Lord of the Five Realms did not have the idea of playing the city in the clouds, but none of them succeeded. Any world will be monopolized by Yunzhongcheng, and will not be the target of joint attack by the other four worlds. This Xuetian Ao is really naive. Revenge for killing your father? Hundreds of millions of people died in Yunzhongcheng, all came to seek revenge for Yunzhongcheng, he had to be busy to die. Snow day Ao Leng hum, fly up in the air, both hands holding the gun, from top to bottom hit heavily on the castellan's house. "Crash." Half of the luxurious Chengzhongfu in Yunzhong City collapsed in an instant. "Wait for the city to be destroyed, Lord Zhaohua." 982 is a man who is going to die. How can he say he is innocent? The sound of the collapse of the castellan mansion made the whole city in the clouds boil up, and the masters of the city in the clouds came from all directions to the castellan mansion. Soon, Dongfang Ningxin and Xue Tianao were surrounded by them. The city in the clouds is really not easy to mess with! Li Moyuan looked at the situation more and more out of control, gas is about to go crazy, hit Ling Zichu with all his strength. Boom. With a sound, Ling Zichu fell toward the castellan mansion behind him, and with great force, he brought down a large area of the castellan mansion that had not yet fallen. The sound of clatter, completely angered the people of the city in the cloud, the city in the cloud regardless of life and death to rush forward, will bring the battle to a new climax, and Ling Zichu whole person was buried in the ruins. At this time, no one can go to save him,Automatic nail machine, because they have more and more enemies, Dongfang Ningxin and Xuetian Ao four people have been surrounded by the people of Yunzhongcheng. A group of people around him fell down, and a group of people stepped on the bodies of their predecessors and rushed up. 3shardware.com