Mobile Storm

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Everybody is stupefied, "Impossible, with your technology, had reached the strongest a class, besides the ace pilot of those monsters, nobody is your opponent."

Everybody is stupefied, "Impossible, with your technology, had reached the strongest a class, besides the ace pilot of those monsters, nobody is your opponent." "Hum, don't say ace pilot, who meets that person is a dead end.". Even if I met my father, I was not convinced, but that man, hehe, to tell the truth, if I really wanted to be an opponent, I would admit defeat directly. Although the time together is not long, but the pilots all understand the character of this Salta, there is a saying, a natural soldier, but also bear the glory of the Rocky family. The Lord would rather die than admit defeat, but there are also people who make him "afraid"? "Khan, is it true? We have never heard of such a person in our military region?" "That's a newcomer like me. I don't know where he's been assigned, but I'm sure he is. The Ivents better pray they don't run into him!" Let it go if others say so. When this came out of Salta's mouth, it really overwhelmed the crowd. Is there such a person in the world? Maybe. If you have a chance, you must meet him. Maybe he really has three heads and six arms! Salta didn't bother with this kind of thing. People fill their stomachs, pack up their things and continue to move forward, the top did not give the end of the task of the table spring, that is,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, until all are killed! Fighting on the ground is lively, but it is still calm in space. In this era, as long as there is no space war, it is not a formal declaration of war. Once the interstellar warships fight, there is no room for manoeuvre. But the atmosphere is also quite tense, once ordered, all the fleet will be the first time to enter the combat state, but the life of the fleet staff is quite high quality, the operation of warships is mainly brain,Nail machine manufacturer, not body, space warships inside all kinds of entertainment facilities are very complete, Tang Ling is drinking coffee at this time looking at the vast and beautiful starry sky trance. These days she made several phone calls to the Takrama military region, but the transfer failed, said that the area is in a state of war at this time, any non-military communications are banned, which makes Tang Ling very worried, after all, is the little princess of GAD, she still heard about the specific situation, it seems that the NUP side sent out biochemical troops, causing a war between the two sides. It is said that most of the border defense stations have been destroyed, and now the military region is launching a counter-offensive. Li Feng is assigned to the border. What should I do! Tang Ling has been in a trance, but to the army Tianxun are banned to use, simply can not contact, the more I think the more cranky. Xiao Ling, who are you thinking about? Captain Simone sat down beside her, a legendary woman, Nail machine supplier ,Coil nail machine, who was not as kind as she had imagined. Captain, no, nothing. Tang Ling hurriedly sat upright. Make yourself at home. Do you miss your boyfriend? Tang Ling nodded shyly. Love is a good thing, but you can't be in such a trance. You know, the negligence of a smile on the battlefield may cause irreparable disaster. On the day you become a soldier, you must learn to control your personal feelings. To put it another way, you have to trust each other. That's the only way. Do you know? "Yes, Captain!" "Teach you a good way to get rid of your worries. Keep a diary and save your thoughts. That will be better." "Yes, thank you, Captain!" "Go, the drillmaster is calling you." Looking at the back of Tang Ling leaving, Simone shook her head, ideals are good, want to become a captain is to pay the price, regardless of her identity, this girl is very good, she has that kind of talent, but want to become a qualified soldier, just talent and talent is not. She still needs a lot of blood. In addition to Tang Ling, the students of the five military academies are also actively competing, but now the most highly praised is Leland Garros, who found a major misjudgment of the staff in his internship. The fleet often has to do space patrols, and it is normal to encounter meteors, but the staff think that the song meteors will not hinder the route of the warship. But ignored in the superposition of the gravitational field will disperse the meteor group, and as an intern Leland Garros to report, in the case of a serious warning is still not change the original intention, finally alarmed the captain, and facts have proved that his judgment is correct, the meteorite group really dispersed, this probability is less than 7%, I think Leland Garros is not by luck. He himself has published a special report on meteorite diversion, but it is the first time that it has been applied to practice, and this practice has also proved this point in a disguised way. He has also won the new medal of the Mars Fleet. This paper also mentions the research agenda of the Star Warship. The name of Lillangalos is also circulated in the Mars Fleet, and Yalang's reputation is much louder. It can be said that his future is bright! That's the difference in the starting point. If he graduates and enters Starfleet, in his case, the starting point is the rank of second lieutenant. And if you get into the ground forces, it's good to have a sergeant. Three of Yalang's freshmen. They are known as the Three Heavenly Kings of Yalang. Huang Chaoyang's performance is also eye-catching. It's just not as exaggerated as Leland Garros. Do not know USE, in NUP, their internship conditions are better, in the Big Dipper such a young elite, is a frequent visitor to the army, but the Big Dipper encountered the defeat of Yalang. I have been keeping a low profile since I returned to China, and I heard that I was in special training. Unlike the people in these command departments who are easily mixed up in official positions, the ground troops have to fight for a little glory with their lives. Cano III is running, followed by a long string of sand scorpions, this group of scorpions are very tough, go all out to kill Li Feng, on the one hand, do not worry about their safety, on the other hand, Li Feng and Muxue have to think about their own safety. Li Feng has been driving the Cano III for most of the day, and the average person would have been exhausted. But Li Feng is in high spirits, if it is not a weapon. He really wants to get rid of this group of tails. But impulse is impulse, just think about it. Li Feng, do you need a rest? Am I heavy? No matter how generous Muxue is, she can't open her mouth at this time. Li Feng smiled, and for a while and a half the scorpions could not catch up with him. "Your weight is very standard,iron nail machine, about 46 kilograms." "You" "Khan, I'm just guessing, don't say I'm right." 。